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The mattress manufacturer tells you that the mattress is also harmful to formaldehyde

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-15
Mattresses are also harmful to formaldehyde. Mattress manufacturers’ beds are particularly important to us. One third of our day’s time is spent in bed. A comfortable bed can bring good sleep quality. Therefore, the bed is very important for us. It is important for us. According to investigations, mattresses also contain formaldehyde, and the amount of formaldehyde emitted is more serious than furniture. What is going on?    mattresses are used in the bedroom. In most cases, the bedroom space is relatively small, and the size of the mattress is relatively large, the mattress is exposed to the air for a long time, and the release of formaldehyde is slow and uninterrupted, so it is easy to cause formaldehyde pollution in the bedroom. Moreover, unlike the drawers and cabinet doors of wooden furniture, mattresses can seal formaldehyde and reduce or reduce the amount of formaldehyde emission. The surface of the mattress is a textile material, and the inside is an uncontrollable material, so it cannot be closed. The main causes of formaldehyde pollution in mattresses are as follows:    1. Formaldehyde in spring mattresses exceeds the standard: the problem is mainly in the auxiliary bedding. In order to save costs, individual manufacturers use fabrics and sponges that have exceeded the standard of formaldehyde. In order to pave the material, the mattress filled out of course also exceeds the standard formaldehyde. 2. Mattresses made of coconut palm or mountain palm as bedding materials: During the production of the palm flakes, some manufacturers blindly added a large amount of adhesive in order to enhance the strength and hardness of the palm flakes, although the physical properties of the palm flakes have been improved. , But the continuous release of formaldehyde from the adhesive has caused a serious excess of formaldehyde.  3. Luxury ultra-thick mattresses with excessive formaldehyde: the mattresses are filled with urea-formaldehyde resin  foamed membrane compounded by urea and formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is easily decomposed and released into the air.  The relationship between mattress and people is the most 'closeA person sleeps in bed for at least 6 hours a day, while some elderly, weak, sick and children spend longer time in bed. Once the mattress has a pollution problem, the harm to human health is much greater than other decoration materials and furniture.  In life, the problem of mattress pollution is particularly easy to be ignored by consumers. Most people know that decoration materials and furniture will cause formaldehyde pollution in the indoor environment, but it is difficult to imagine that a bright and beautiful mattress will also have a formaldehyde pollution problem, so it is difficult to find the problem of mattress pollution. So, when buying a mattress, how should you choose a relatively healthy mattress? First, do you feel comfortable lying down? Smell and see if there is a smell (regardless of whether it is formaldehyde, it is recommended not to buy it if it smells); just like buying clothes Feel the quality of the mattress fabric; look at whether this brand is a trustworthy brand. The big brands in the formal market are always more reliable, because the market will have requirements for the brands entering the market and have a return mechanism; finally heard and used Suggestions from acquaintances. Also, how to reduce the amount of formaldehyde in the mattress? Exposure to the sun is a more effective and simple way to deal with mattresses that cannot be cleaned with water. Because the volatilization temperature of formaldehyde is -19.5°C, buy a new one. Putting the mattress outdoors under the sun can help formaldehyde volatilize and reduce the formaldehyde content of the mattress.
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