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The mattress manufacturer tells you how to choose a hotel mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-19
Questions, why use a hotel mattress? The natural body curvature of the human spine is not a straight line, but presents: the reverse 'S' shape, a suitable mattress can fit every part of the body, so that the spine maintains a normal body curve during sleep, and cares for the spine healthy.  The relationship between the human spine and hotel mattresses  If the mattress is too soft or too hard, it will cause back pain when waking up, and if it is severe, there is even a risk of spine deformation. Therefore, whether the mattress can effectively support the spine is particularly important.  Seven tips teach you how to choose a hotel mattress.  The first step: dress lightly  When you are ready to buy a hotel mattress, please wear comfortable and loose clothing so that you can get a good experience when you feel the product.   Step 2: Lie on the mattress    When you encounter a hotel mattress you like, lie on your back on the mattress for 5-8 minutes, so that you have enough time to let you know whether this mattress is suitable for you.   Step 3: Feel the skin-friendly nature   Use your skin to feel whether the mattress fabric is skin-friendly and non-irritating. Long-term use of mattresses with poor fabric grades will cause skin allergies and other uncomfortable symptoms.   Fourth step: Change sleeping position   Try to change a variety of sleeping positions, feel whether the mattress causes pressure on other parts of the body, and whether it is difficult to turn over; if the pressure on the muscles, it will increase the number of turns over at night and affect the quality of sleep.   Step 5: Feel the support   Feel whether the mattress can provide enough support for the body, especially the waist and hips. If the waist is not effectively supported, the waist will hang in the air for a long time, which is inappropriate. Get a little trick: reach your waist with your hands. If your hands are hard, it means that the mattress is suitable for you. Step 6: Feeling of anti-interference is as if your partner is traveling together, but they can lie on a hotel mattress together, and the two take turns to simulate 'get up' and 'turn over' to feel whether the mattress affects the other half. This tests whether the hotel mattress has strong anti-interference ability.  Step 7: Feel the breathability  Perspiration is a natural physical phenomenon of the human body, which is carried out all the time. The breathable mattress will feel warm and comfortable when lying on it, but it will not feel sultry and unbearable.
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