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The mattress manufacturer recommends that you tear off the plastic film on the mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-04
Some families never remove the outer film when using the mattress. Some people think that the outer layer of plastic film can keep the mattress very new, and mattress manufacturers say that this approach is wrong. That will not only shorten the life of the mattress, make the mattress very uncomfortable, but the key is harmful to human health! In fact, this layer of film is just a protective film for the outer packaging to protect the mattress from being soiled before being sold or during transportation. Just like when we buy other products or food, supplies, etc., how can we use it without unpacking? The cost of this kind of film is very low, remember to tear off the mattress after you buy it home! If the film is not removed, the heat and moisture emitted by the human body cannot be absorbed by the mattress, and the mattress will feel damp when used for a long time. In addition, the mattress itself cannot breathe, which can cause mold, bacteria and mites. Long-term exposure to moisture will cause the internal structure of the mattress to rust, roll over, and creak, and the smell of plastic is not conducive to the respiratory system. Data shows that the human body needs to excrete about 1 liter of water through sweat glands overnight. If the mattress is wrapped with plastic film, the moisture will not drop, but will adhere to the mattress and sheets, covering the human body, making people feel uncomfortable. The number of turning over during sleep increases, which affects the quality of sleep. If you pay close attention to the spring mattresses currently on the market, you will find that most mattresses have several holes on the side, which are air holes. Why do manufacturers include such holes in their designs? There is no doubt that this is considered from the quality of human sleep, therefore, retaining the plastic film is a waste of this design. Mattress manufacturer’s suggestion: If the mattress is stained and cannot be washed, it should be dried with a paper towel or cloth.
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