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The mattress manufacturer details how to choose a mattress? What are the maintenance skills?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-10
The mattress manufacturer details how to choose a mattress? What are the maintenance skills?    When you decide which brand of bed or mattress to buy, you must first know what kind of bed or mattress you need (ie, bed Frame+mattress), there are many bed frame materials on the market now, and there are three common ones: wooden bed frame, metal bed frame and soft-packed bed frame.   There are also many kinds of mattress materials on the market, such as spring mattresses, space resin mattresses, latex mattresses, palm mattresses and so on. Various bed frame materials and mattresses have different characteristics. The following mattress manufacturer tells you how to choose a mattress?    Elastic cushion An elastic mattress refers to an integrally connected spring mattress. The inner core is composed of springs and has strong bearing capacity. , Good load-bearing characteristics, can withstand the gravity of the spine and body, and maintain the natural straightness of the spine. Its disadvantage is that if it is used in the same position for a long time, it is prone to depression and deformation, and the hardness is too high, and the comfort level is average. The mattress manufacturer. The composition of the space resin ball cushion is high-grade mineral oil, environmentally friendly, skin-friendly, breathable and breathable. It has the fit and wrapping feeling of latex and memory foam, as well as the support of independent cylindrical springs, which can independently support every muscle tissue of the body. Relax each part of the body muscles independently. And it is very durable. After 480,000 times of squeeze pressure tester, the service life can be as long as 30 years.   The mattress on the bed still needs to be selected.  What are the maintenance techniques of mats?  Some springs have vents on the edges. During use, please do not tighten the sheets and bedding, so as not to block the vents and cause the air to be unable to circulate in the mattress made by the mattress manufacturer. What are the maintenance methods of the mat?    1. Regular turnover: In the first year of purchasing the mattress, you should turn the mattress up and down every two to three months, or turn the mattress up and down from head to toe, so that the spring is evenly stressed, and then turn over every six months. once.   2. Use better bed sheets, which can not only absorb sweat, but also keep the fabric clean.   Three, keep it clean. Always use a vacuum cleaner to clean the mattress, but do not use water or detergent directly. At the same time, avoid lying on it immediately after showering or sweating, let alone using electrical appliances or smoking in bed.   Fourth, do not often sit on the edge of the bed, because the mattress made by the mattress manufacturer has four corners, which is the most fragile. Sitting on the edge of the bed for a long time will damage the spring of the edge of the bed.   5. Don't jump on the bed, so as not to damage the spring when a single point of force is applied.   6. During use, please take out the plastic packaging bag and keep the environment ventilated and dry to prevent the mattress from getting damp. Do not expose the mattress to the sun for a long time, otherwise the fabric will fade.  7. If you accidentally bump other beverages such as tea or coffee onto the bed, you should immediately wipe it dry with a towel or toilet paper under heavy pressure, and then dry it with a hair dryer. Mattresses accidentally contaminated with dirt can be washed with soap and water. Do not use strong acid or strong alkaline cleaners to avoid discoloration or damage to mattresses made by mattress manufacturers.   8. During transportation, avoid excessive deformation of the mattress, and do not bend or fold it. 9. Tear off the plastic packaging film before use;    10. Wear a cleaning pad or bed sheet before use to ensure long-term cleanliness of the product;    11. It is recommended to adjust and turn the mattress regularly, about 3 to 4 months, in order to make the surface of the mattress even Stress, prolong its service life;    12. When using, please do not tighten the sheets and bedding, so as not to block the ventilation holes of the mattress and cause the air produced by the mattress factory to not circulate. Do not exert excessive force and pressure on the surface of the cushion, so as not to cause partial compression and deformation of the mattress produced by the mattress manufacturer, which will affect the use.   13. Avoid scraping the cloth with sharp tools or knives.
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