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The importance of the position of the soft bed in upholstered furniture and method guidance!

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-01
Guidance: For this chapter, the article mainly talks about the importance of soft beds in upholstered furniture and how to place them! One part is about the importance of time. The second part is more comprehensive about the points of attention in all aspects of the location! Part-the importance of soft beds to us: (soft furniture) use mobile phones to calculate 24 hours a day, and we can only sleep 8 hours a day, one third of the day is spent in soft beds, This also shows that no matter how old we can live in our lives, one-third of our lives are always sleeping. Magall, who specializes in soft beds in Hong Kong, wants to remind everyone: the quality of the bed is very important. The position of the bed can affect our sleep and our luck. So what should we do to add to our good fortune? The second part-the position of the soft bed: (soft furniture) 1. The bottom of the bed should be empty, and no debris should be placed on the soft bed until it is properly ventilated and clean, so as to prevent the back pain caused by the infection of dampness, thereby hindering health . Do not put debris on the head of the bed, especially iron and glass. 2. There shall be no beams above the bed. If the bed is facing the beams, this kind of decoration is a serious layout plan. The pressure beam falls into the human body, causing poor metabolism. 3. The window on the bed is unreliable. It is advisable to see the window when you wake up. If your head is too close to the window when you sleep, your brain will be weakened, lack of sleep, and you will not be able to fall asleep. Residents can see the bedroom window on the bed, which allows sunlight to shine on the bed, which helps to absorb natural energy and is more conducive to health. 4. You cannot look in the mirror in the bed. The five forms of human nature are golden, and the five forms of water are in the mirror. The spirit of the soul will be ingested during sleep, which will damage the illuminated body parts, and people will be more tired. 5. Choose the bed from north to south to the head and sleep to the south or north, which corresponds to the gravity of the earth's magnetic field. The summary and refinement of this article: Point 1: The proportion of time that the bed accompanies us accounts for a very important part of the length of our life. The position of the demand based on the quality of sleep needs to be paid attention to! Point 2: The placement of the location, including the rational use of space, the reference of Feng Shui alchemy, etc., is the double guarantee of practicability and tradition!
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