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The difference between mattress factory direct sales and agents

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-10
The difference between direct sales of mattress manufacturers and agents: Direct sales refer to the way that manufacturers directly sell goods and services, and direct sellers directly sell products to individual consumers outside of their fixed business premises. An agent, also known as a commercial agent, refers to a general agent who accepts entrustment within the scope of the industry to provide convenience or conduct transactions for it. The agent manages the business on behalf of the industrial company. The difference in form is that manufacturer direct sales can be divided into narrow direct sales and multi-level direct sales. In a narrow sense, direct selling refers to product producers, producers and importers selling products to consumers face-to-face through direct sellers (and consumers), including single-layer direct selling and multi-layer direct selling; multi-layer direct selling refers to product producers , Manufacturers and importers use the media to deliver products or information to consumers. Agents are divided into general agents, which are represented by the principal with full authority; general agents, during the same area, the principal can choose one or more agents as the general agent; a single business agent represents only one enterprise owner as the general agent Active agent; regional agent. The difference between manufacturers’ direct sales rights refers to the fact that the manufacturers have independent operating mechanisms and the ownership of the products they sell. The agent is not necessarily an independent agent, nor does it own the ownership of the goods. The direct sales of mattress manufacturers saves a series of sales steps in the middle, so the purchase cost is lower for customers. For the manufacturers themselves, profits have also improved. In addition, since the dealer link is omitted, they can more directly face consumers to understand the current market needs. And manufacturers can provide better after-sales service.
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