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Talk about the benefits of bamboo mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-14
Bamboo mattresses are made of natural bamboo fibers (i.e., raw bamboo fibers) extracted from naturally grown bamboos. They are processed according to human sleep habits. Compared with other types, they are antibacterial, deodorant, and mites. And it’s cooler in summer, which is good for people in short. Benefits of bamboo mattress: good air permeability. Hard-edge elastic mattress manufacturers introduced bamboo fiber, known as the 'breathing' fiber. It is a bundle of natural fibers other than flax. It is formed by bamboo single cells glued together by glue, and there is no more air left. condition. The data in the inspection report on bamboo fiber mattresses shows that the air permeability of bamboo fiber mattresses is as high as 25%, and the thermal conductivity (air permeability) is excellent; and it can quickly and effectively adjust the skin surface temperature of 4-8°C. Bamboo mattress benefits: warm in winter and cool in summer. Bamboo fiber has a natural and unique pectinic pore-like structure, which can absorb moisture and release moisture quickly. It can timely adjust the ecological temperature environment of the human skin surface. When it comes into contact with the skin, it produces pores, which can assist the skin to perspiration and will absorb it. The sweat and heat are evenly transferred out, and can clean the skin; when it is cold, it shuts down to keep the body heat. Unique resilience, abrasion resistance and flame retardancy. Natural bamboo fiber can absorb 20% of its own weight. It is the highest among other fiber fabrics of the same density. It has excellent resilience and flame retardancy. Its abrasion resistance also ranks first among the world's five major fibers. It has a long service life and is It is called environmentally friendly, durable and breathable natural green bedding. Manufacturers of hard-edged elastic mattresses introduced that sleeping on spring soft mattresses generally causes low back pain, and sleeping on hard board beds can also cause low back pain. Only sleeping on hard and soft bamboo mattresses, and non-deformable mattresses, will not suffer from low back pain.
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