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Suiforlun Home Furnishings teaches you how the mattress is good or bad?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-25
The mattress affects our sleep, so we must choose it well. So how to distinguish the quality of the mattress? Suiforlun Home Furnishings mattress recommends several ways to distinguish the quality of the mattress. You can learn about it! First, look at the quality of the spring soft mattress from the internal material. The number of springs used in the spring mattress and the size of the wire diameter determine the spring. The mattress is soft, hard and moderate. Press the surface of the spring mattress with bare hands. If the spring sounds, it means that the spring has quality problems. From the internal material of the mattress, check whether the spring has been rust-proofed, whether the spring is rusty, whether it is made of flocculent fiber lining material opened by worn-out sacks or moldy needle textile mills and garment factories, and whether plastic rope is used Position the cushioning material. If you find that the spring is rusty, the inner liner is a worn-out sack or a flocculent fiber product opened with industrial scraps, the spring soft mattress must be inferior. Second, judging the quality of mattresses from fabric workmanship. In addition to cotton pads, palm mattresses and spring mattresses have more beautiful mattress fabrics. Excellent fabrics are quilted with the same tightness, no obvious wrinkles, no floating lines or jumpers; seam edges and four corners are well-proportioned, no burrs are exposed, and dental floss is straight. When the mattress is pressed heavily by hand, there is no friction inside, and the hand feels firm and comfortable. Inferior mattress fabrics are often quilted with inconsistent tightness, floating threads, jumpers, seam edges, four-corner arcs are not well-proportioned, and dental floss is not straight. 3. When buying a cotton mattress, pay attention to 'black heart cotton' and 'black heart cotton' are the names for inferior cotton cotton. 'Black Heart Cotton' mattresses are made of fibrous industrial waste, medical fibrous waste, regenerated fibrous materials, waste clothes and other waste fiber products. One of the following characteristics of the mattress filler is the 'black cotton' mattress: the content of impurities or short fibers below 16 mm exceeds the national standard; it contains unwashed animal hair or velvet; it contains bleached fibers or other substances; no Meet the relevant sanitation requirements in the national standard; be contaminated by toxic and harmful substances or moldy and deteriorated. 4. From the product label to see whether the mattress is good or bad, whether it is a mattress, a spring cushion, or a cotton cushion, the product label has the product name, registered trademark, manufacturing company or manufacturer name, factory address, contact number or Fax, and some also have qualification certificates and credit cards. Most of the mattresses sold on the market without the factory name, factory address and registered trademark are fake and inferior products with low quality and low price. Fifth, from the filler to see the authenticity of mountain palm mattresses. With the concept of green consumption and healthy consumption taking root in the hearts of the people, palm mattresses are recognized as natural green mattresses and are favored by consumers. However, due to the scarcity of natural mountain palm raw materials and the high cost of making mattresses, counterfeiters often sell coconut palm mats, hemp mats, cardboard mats or plastic foam mats as natural mountain palm mattresses. Some criminals take advantage of consumers’ lack of understanding of mountain palm and sell hemp and coir mattresses as natural wild palm mattresses. They even cut the molded cardboard or foam plastic board into the size of a mattress and put it on After the fabric pretends to be a natural mountain palm mattress to deceive consumers.
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