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Suiforlun Home Furnishings manufacturers tell you how to improve sleep quality

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-10
At the same time, it is accompanied by shallow sleep, which is the inability to fall asleep again after waking up. Even if it is very difficult to fall asleep again, it is easy to wake up. The Suiforlun Home Furnishings manufacturer will tell you how to improve the quality of sleep. Tossing back and forth all night, people who sleep lightly can hardly have a sound sleep. Sleeping like this is really harmful to our health but no benefit. We all know what causes shallow sleep. A good sleep process is: dozing off-light sleep-deep sleep-eye movement sleep. Sleeping lightly means that sleep repeats itself during the light sleep stage and cannot enter deep sleep, so that the integrity of sleep cannot be guaranteed. There are several reasons for shallow sleep: • Sleeping environment: unsatisfactory sleeping environment, such as noise, too bright light, inappropriate temperature, unfamiliar smell, inappropriate bedding, etc. will have an impact; • Bad living habits: before going to bed Drinking strong tea, coffee, drinking, being too full or hungry, etc.; some people choose to drink to sleep if they can’t sleep. In fact, alcohol will hinder our deep sleep. • Mental stress: Excessive work and mental stress can also lead to restless sleep and shallow sleep; • Sleep-related diseases: There are currently more than 90 types of sleep diseases that can be diagnosed in the world. Among these 90 types of diseases, the most common one is Insomnia. The other is sleep apnea, which is mainly caused by snoring. After apnea, blood oxygen drops and the cerebral cortex repeatedly wakes up, making sleep very shallow. How can people who sleep very shallowly improve their sleep quality? What are the damages of light sleep? Light sleep has become a common problem for urban people today. Light sleep is very harmful to health, so you must not be careless. The damage of shallow sleep is mainly reflected in the following points: • Influencing the inventive thinking of the brain; • Leading to weight gain; • Affecting the growth and development of adolescents; • Affecting skin metabolism, accelerating skin aging, making the skin color dull and pale, especially Dark circles, simple wrinkles; • Makes people anxious and irritable. • Decreased immunity, which can lead to various diseases, such as neurasthenia, colds, gastrointestinal diseases, etc. Insufficient sleep can also increase the blood cholesterol level, which increases the chance of heart attack. The human body's cell division is mostly carried out during sleep. Insufficient sleep or sleep disorder will affect the normal division of cells, which may cause sudden changes in cancer cells and lead to the onset of cancer. How can people who sleep very shallowly improve their sleep quality? How to make us sleep more deeply? A relaxed body and mind and a comfortable and quiet environment can make people fall asleep quickly. If you want to sleep more deeply, you can start from the following points: • Good living habits: relax your body and mind before going to bed, dinner is not enough, not before going to bed Drink alcohol, coffee, tea; • Use window cloths with better shading properties and try to keep darker light as much as possible. • Use light colors for the bedroom, using light green and other simple and relaxing colors. • Quiet environment: It is believed that most people have difficulty sleeping in a noisy environment, and being in a noisy environment for a long time will not only cause hearing loss, but also may cause dizziness, headache, tinnitus, insomnia, fatigue, and memory Symptoms such as depression, blood pressure fluctuations and arrhythmia, so it is important to invent a quiet sleeping environment for yourself. • Comfortable bedding: The right bedding is essential for maintaining a good sleep. If the comfort of the bedding is not good, especially the hardness and height of the mattress and pillows are not suitable, it will not only affect the time of falling asleep, but also affect the quality of sleep throughout the night. It is easy to have symptoms such as repeated turning over and muscle aches. It is recommended to choose bedding that is more comfortable in material and fits the curve of the body.
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