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Suiforlun Home Furnishings manufacturers tell you how to buy a single mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-10
Nowadays, many people in China are following the foreign education methods: let children know each other independently from an early age. In order to improve the understanding of independence and let the child sleep alone, so the child’s single mattress is needed. In fact, single mattresses began to be popular in our country many years ago. From campuses to change the sleeping environment of students and improve the quality of learning, it evolved into separate bed sleeping that parents advocated to develop their children’s independent personality. The child prepares a single mattress. Single mattresses have become very popular in our country, but parents are also worried about the purchase of single mattresses. The size and price of raw materials are all problems. This article briefly introduces the specifications for the purchase of single beds. Use of single bed mat 1. Campus dormitory rooms are small, too large beds will make the space smaller, generally the beds are narrower, and the student dormitories standardize single beds. This design is conducive to saving space and making the dormitory look wider 2. The size of the mattress used by the children in the family is slightly larger than that of the campus. The children are active and parents expect their children to sleep well. Generally, they buy larger mattresses. The commonly used sizes are 1.35×1.9 or 2m and 1.5×1.9 or 2m. Four kinds. Breathability At night, sleepers emit residual heat and sweat easily. Teenagers are more active in nature and have a higher sweating rate. Using a mattress with good breathability can keep the mattress dry during sleep, improve the sleep quality of the sleeper, and reduce bacterial growth. Healthy sleep is guaranteed. The most popular ones on the market now include latex mattresses, pure cotton fabrics, fiber fabrics, and knitted pure cotton fabrics. The air permeability is better, and latex mattresses are the first choice. Hard mattresses: Single beds are mainly for teenagers. Choosing a mattress with moderate hardness is good for physical development. The spine of adolescents is developing and easily deformed. Both soft and hard beds are not suitable. On the contrary, the hardness is moderate. The mattress can provide good support for teenagers, relieve the pressure on the neck and buttocks, relax the muscles of each part of the body, and then get a better rest. However, if a teenager is very thin or fat, it is better to choose softer and harder mattresses according to their body shape and weight; softer mattresses: There are also more single adults who use single mattresses. This depends on the body type and weight to determine the hardness of the mattress. It is better for heavier adults to choose a harder mattress. The body will not fall into the mattress and knead the spine because the mattress is too soft. The buttocks of the human body fall into the mattress, and the neck and waist of the human body are effectively held up, the neck and waist muscles are relaxed, and sleep is better. For thinner people, a softer mattress is suitable. A hard mattress causes the waist and neck of the human body to not receive the support of the mattress, and the blood does not circulate or even tingling. On the contrary, it can effectively hold its waist, give it useful support, relax the whole body, and improve the sleeping quality of the sleeper. Cost-effective single beds range from several hundred to several thousand in price. Natural features and quality are also different. Many people here have a misunderstanding that the higher the price, the better the quality, because most single bed mattresses are consumed by collective young students, so they choose It is very urgent to buy mattresses that are conducive to the development of the human spine. Latex mattresses have good performance in all aspects, but because of their high prices, few people buy them. The coconut palm mattress is made of natural coconut palm, which is harmless to the human body and has a moderate hardness. It has good support for the human body and is more helpful for the development of the spine of adolescents. The price of coconut palm mattress is moderate, and it is one of the most cost-effective mattresses, so it has become one of the raw materials for single bed mattresses. Safety Recently, the news has repeatedly reported the occurrence of insects in mattresses, which has made people pay more attention to the safety of mattresses. During this period, the two topics of whether the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard and whether there are harmful substances in the raw materials are paid more attention. Excessive amount of formaldehyde in the mattress is very harmful to the human body. In severe cases, it can cause serious diseases such as leukemia and cancer. Other harmful substances can also harm the human body to varying degrees. When purchasing a mattress, it is important to investigate the safety of the mattress. For young people, it is better to buy a coconut palm mattress with moderate hardness. The coconut palm mattress is naturally free of harmful substances, with moderate hardness and good air permeability, which can meet the physical requirements of young people. . In addition, our mattresses should also be placed in the vents on a regular basis to bask in the sun, and the mattresses should be turned over regularly to ensure that all parts of the mattress are evenly stressed, and the mattresses can be durable and durable.
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