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Suiforlun Home Furnishings manufacturers teach you some tips for mattress maintenance

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-08
People or things that are too familiar are often easily overlooked, just as many bits and pieces of life will be overlooked because of habit. A good example is the bed that accompanies us every night. One-third of a person's life is spent in sleep, but most people only think of buying a mattress when they move. The editor introduces some necessary common sense in this regard, so that your quality sleep can be guaranteed for a longer time. 1. The newly purchased mattress should be turned over regularly, especially in the year before the start of use. In order to make the overall force of the mattress even, it is recommended to turn it over once every two to three months. It can be flipped once every six months, which can effectively increase the service life. 2. After using the new mattress, be sure to remove the plastic packaging bag of the mattress and put the mattress cover on, so that it can be clean and at the same time ensure ventilation and prevent the mattress from getting damp. 3. The use of high-quality bed sheets is not only for aesthetics, but also has strong sweat absorption ability to effectively ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the mattress. 4. Don't let the cushion surface be overly stressed, such as standing on the bed and jumping, so as not to cause local depression and deformation of the mattress and affect the use. The four corners of the mattress are precisely the fragile parts, and long-term sitting on the edge may also cause damage to the edge protection springs. 5. If you accidentally knock over tea or coffee and other beverages on the bed, you should immediately use a towel or toilet paper to dry it with heavy pressure, and then dry it with a hair dryer. Air the mattress often, but do not expose it to too long, as it may fade the fabric. 6. Keep the mattress clean. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the mattress. Avoid direct washing with water or detergent. At the same time, avoid lying on it immediately after taking a shower or sweating, let alone using electrical appliances or smoking in bed. 7. The spring mattress has vents around the edges. Don't tighten the sheets and mattresses when using it, so as not to block the vents, causing the air in the mattress to be unable to circulate and breeding of germs. 8. When the mattress no longer feels sufficient support, it begins to affect the quality of sleep and makes people feel stiff or painful, which means that the mattress is seriously damaged and should be replaced in time. It is mainly based on the user's feeling when he wakes up early, and then observe the spring seat cushion layer, whether there is obvious sagging, deformation or unevenness, or judging from the excessive squeaking sound. 9. Pay attention to the service life of the mattress. It takes about 7 to 10 years for high-quality spring mattresses to be replaced. Memory foam and latex mattresses are between 10 and 20 years old. On the one hand, the life span depends on the manufacturer's level, on the other hand, usage habits and maintenance will also affect the life span.
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