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Suiforlun Home Furnishings manufacturer tells who to choose natural latex mattress and memory foam mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-08
With the advancement of technology and the development of the age, living conditions are getting better and better, and various things are changing. The bigger the house, the more beautiful the clothes, the better the food, but the more the pressure. The more you come, the rest is not enough. How can we rest and regain energy in this less and less rest time? It's time to choose a good mattress. Nowadays, two kinds of mattresses are more popular, they are memory cotton and natural latex. So, what are the advantages of the two materials of memory cotton and natural latex? Reminiscence cotton has the effect of promoting sleep, maintaining the spine and alleviating physical pain; natural latex has natural materials, good air permeability, high comfort, long service life, and hypoallergenic. When buying mattresses, these two new materials have attracted our attention. These two kinds of mattresses have many similarities. They are both good products and relatively expensive. They have many similar advantages: promoting sleep, maintaining spine, relieving pain, antibacterial and anti-dust mites, etc. What is the real difference between memory cotton and natural latex? How to choose from them? Let the Suiforlun Home Furnishings manufacturer give you a brief introduction to them. Reminiscence cotton is a constituent material, which originated from NASA, and was originally used to reduce the physical stress on astronauts during flight. Reminiscence cotton is mainly made of polyurethane. Natural latex is derived from the sap of rubber trees and is a natural environmental protection material. Reminiscence cotton is a kind of heat sensitive material, under the effect of body temperature and body pressure, it will form a shape that fits the contours of the body. This can evenly disperse the body weight, reduce body pressure, and then have the effect of promoting sleep, maintaining the spine, and alleviating physical pain. Recall that the defect of cotton is that the new product will have a similar chemical smell. It also has the ability to keep warm and may feel warmer. Natural latex also has the effect of dissipating body pressure, so it also has the effect of promoting sleep and relieving pain. However, the breathability of natural latex is very good, sleeping warm in winter and cool in summer, these aspects just make up for the shortcomings of memory cotton. Other advantages of natural latex are high comfort, long service life, anti-allergic and so on. So, what is the main difference between latex mattress and memory cotton mattress? 1. Data difference: The latex mattress material is natural oak sap milk, which is foamed to produce pores. The memory mattress is also called slow rebound sponge mattress or space mattress. The material is extracted from petroleum. The chemical name is polyurethane, and the chemical composition is the main one. Second, the naturalness is different: latex is natural tree sap, and the memory cotton is petroleum; third, the life span is different: the latex is normal for 15 years without deformation, and the memory cotton: 2-5 years later, often Sleeping position will sink that cannot be rebounded; Fourth, the feeling of sleep is different: latex rebounds instantly, and the memory cotton rebounds slowly. Personally like it is different; 5. Different touch: latex has the same touch in all seasons and has a close-fitting effect. It's all the same. Recall that cotton is hard in winter and soft in summer. Sixth, the function is different: the oak protein of latex itself can inhibit the reproduction of mites. The memory cotton has strong shock absorption ability. The reason why astronauts use this is only to reduce shock, nothing else. Therefore, the memory cotton is suitable for decoration materials, shock absorption materials and sound insulation materials. Basically, these are the differences. There is no need for an expert recommendation. I think you should choose a natural latex mattress without any suspense. If you still don’t understand, continue to look down. 1. Natural latex is an internationally recognized high-comfort mattress material, with high resilience and high body fit, and turning around on the bed will not be affected. It can be found in many star hotel suites in the world, such as the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai. All milk collagen is imported from Thailand, and Thai latex is classified as a specialty product worldwide. Reminiscence cotton is polyurethane, attributed to chemical materials. After being made into mattresses and pillows, the comfort is very high and it fits the human body completely. But its slow rebound characteristic will cause the human body to be unable to turn around on the memory cotton mattress. So that the bed sleep action cannot be completed smoothly. 2. Natural latex bedding can be washed directly with water. It does not reproduce bacteria or provide an environment where bacteria can survive. It has a significant suppression and killing effect on bacteria such as Escherichia coli and mites on the bed, and insists on an outstanding hygienic sleep. environment. The effect is more significant for people with asthma and sensitive skin. Recall that cotton mattresses cannot be cleaned. Once cleaned with water, the slow rebound characteristics disappear completely. It is a product that is completely placed on the bed and will not move after it is bought. 3. The price of natural latex bedding is higher than that of recall cotton bedding. Both products are classified as high-end products in the market. If the price is exaggerated at the time of purchase, it can basically be concluded that the product is a dog meat type. Because the production skills of these two kinds of bedding are higher than the previous product skills. Latex mattresses have gone from 'zero foundation' to 'well-knownThe above has played a pivotal effect, allowing ordinary people to use this latex mattress, which is considered precious in bedding.
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