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Suiforlun Home Furnishings interprets the structural classification of spring mattresses for everyone

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-13
What are the structural classifications of mattress' target='_blank'>spring mattresses? Next, Suiforlun Home Furnishings will interpret it for everyone: First of all, we certainly look at it from the appearance and the sense of touch. The choice of appearance, I think, should be based on personal needs, and choose according to the layout, style and color of the respective rooms. The touch is relatively important. Under normal circumstances, when we choose a mattress, we will touch the surface of the mattress with our hands. In fact, this is the choice of mattress fabric. When purchasing, you can ask the shopping guide appropriately. What is the fabric, and you can personally feel the comfort of the mattress fabric. But it is worth noting that the mattress is not suitable for us to directly sleep on the surface, because everyone's skin sensitivity is different, and some people sleep on it more easily than others to cause allergies. So even though the mattress we bought is very comfortable and soft, we still have to put bed sheets on it when we buy it back. In terms of structure, spring mattresses can be roughly divided into connecting type, bagged independent cylinder, linear vertical type, linear integral type and bagged linear integral spring. At present, in the domestic mattress market, the minimum cost of spring mattresses is around 500 yuan, and the market prices are above 750 yuan, 1,000 yuan and 1,500 yuan, respectively, aimed at consumers with low, medium and high demand. One of the ways to test whether the hardness is suitable is to lie flat on the bed and reach into the waist with your hands. It may be difficult to reach in. The mattress may be too soft; on the contrary, if there is a large gap between the waist and the mattress, the mattress may be too hard . Suiforlun Home Furnishings also mentioned the following structures: 1. Connected spring mattress: All individual springs are connected in series with a spiral iron wire to become a 'community of force'. Although it is slightly elastic, the spring system is incomplete. It is ergonomically designed to move the whole body when it is pulled. When a place is pressed, the nearby springs will interfere with each other. 2. Bagged independent tube spring mattress: each independent spring is pressed and filled into the bag, and then connected and arranged. Its characteristic is that each spring body operates independently, supports independently, and can expand and contract independently. Each spring is packed in a fiber bag or cotton bag, and the spring bags between different rows are glued to each other, so it acts as two objects. When placed on the same bed, one side rotates and the other side will not be disturbed. 3. Line-mounted vertical spring mattress: It is made of a continuous strand of stainless steel line, which is formed from the beginning to the end. It is characterized by adopting an integral non-disruptive structure spring, which follows the natural curve of the human spine and supports it appropriately and evenly. Linear integral spring mattress: It consists of a continuous strand of stainless steel, from automation and precision machinery to mechanics, structure, and overall molding. According to the principle of ergonomics, the springs are arranged into a triangular open structure, the weight and pressure are supported in a pyramid shape, and the force is distributed to the surroundings to ensure that the spring’s elasticity is always as new. It is characterized by moderate hardness of the mattress. Ergonomic benefits can provide comfortable sleep and protect the health of the human spine. 4. Pocketed linear integral spring mattress: the linear integral spring is packed into a sleeve-like double-layer reinforced fiber sleeve without interval and arranged. In addition to the advantages of a linear integral spring mattress, its spring system is arranged in parallel with the human body, and any rolling on the bed surface will not affect the sleeper on the side. After reading the structure classification of the spring mattresses provided by Suiforlun Home Furnishings, I hope it will be helpful for you to buy spring mattresses in the future!
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