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[Spring mattress factory] Is using a spring mattress bad for your health?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-23
The spring mattress is a kind of mattress that is widely used in the home. To put it plainly, the key component of the spring mattress is the spring. So what about that kind of mattress? The spring mattress factory is here to show you how good a spring mattress is. Is the spring mattress good? The spring mattress is one of the common and better-featured mattresses in modern times. Its cushion core is composed of springs and the surface is made of other raw materials such as textile fabrics or soft mats. The spring mattress has good ductility and contrast, which can ensure the vertical extension of the spine no matter what the body is in the posture of sleep quality. Secondly, it has strong air permeability and can reasonably avoid the growth of germs. A high-quality mattress, commonly used springs are made of high-carbon precision materials, produced and processed according to accurate temperature, strict time, and technical professional refrigeration technology, which meets China's healthy sleep norms. The interior is filled with natural latex mattresses, natural environmental protection materials, comfortable and breathable, with the characteristics of moth-proof, mite-proof, and moisture-absorbing heat pipe to dissipate heat. It can be used in all seasons. The type of spring mattress structure can be divided into interconnected, bagged individual cylinders, linear upright, linear integrated and bag integrated springs.
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