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Spring mattress factory-is the spring mattress good? Which spring has a long life?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-29
From the perspective of comfort, spring mattresses are softer and much better than common latex and palm mattresses. From the perspective of physical and mental health, spring mats are not good, but you can choose to apply springs on the support layer and add latex or natural brown on top-this behavior is more fashionable at this stage, and can have both comfort and physical and mental health. Is the spring mattress good? Which spring has a high lifespan? Let's take a look at the spring mattress factory. The springs are also divided into net springs and independent springs: 1. Net springs The net springs are softer. The disadvantage is that one person sleeping on the side can also be noticeably felt by the other person and rattle. And because it is too soft and does not cater well to the body, its physical and mental health is very worrying. A soft mattress can help you quickly eliminate fatigue. Therefore, if it is a mattress that requires temporary rest applications such as a company office, it is recommended to buy this type-the price of the mesh spring is not high, if it is only a temporary rest, buy a few hundred yuan On it. The softness of the net spring is related to the relative density of the spring. The higher the relative density, the harder the mattress and the higher the price. But no matter how dense it is, it cannot be as hard as latex or brown mattresses from beginning to end. Spring mattress factory. 2. Independent springs Independent springs are more upscale, and the better batch of mattresses will have independent springs applied to the support layer. Independent springs cannot be as soft as net springs. Softer independent spring pads are similar to harder net spring pads. However, the independent spring has no sound without the entire mattress linkage. From the perspective of physical and mental health, each spring of the independent spring supports a different position of the human body, so it caters to the body. Relatively high. Spring mattress factory. In addition, the service life of independent springs is much higher than that of net springs.
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