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Some common sense when buying mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-03
When buying a mattress, you generally need to meet the standards of hygiene, comfort, beauty, and durability. Of course, this varies from person to person. The basic standard is almost like this, but some common sense of buying still needs to be understood, because it can take you Choose the right mattress. Mattress purchase common sense: 1. Light steel mattress manufacturers introduce the choice of mattresses according to body weight. Lightweight people need to sleep on a softer bed, and heavier people need to sleep on a harder bed, so that the body's pressure will be more evenly distributed. 2. Choose a mattress according to gender. Women’s hips are usually wider than their waists, and the mattress should be able to accommodate the contours of their body. A softer mattress is relatively suitable. Men's weight is mostly distributed on the torso, so the mattress should choose a firmer texture. 3. The bigger the bed, the better. In the bedroom, the bed and mattress should be as big as possible. So people can move around freely when lying on it. It will not be restricted because of the small size of the bed, which prevents the body from stretching at will. The current standard size of a double bed is 1, 8 meters x 2 meters. If it is customized, the size of a bed or mattress should be 10 cm more than the person’s height. 4. Light steel mattress manufacturers introduce their partners to choose mattresses. If there is a big difference in weight and body shape between your partners, it is recommended to choose a custom mattress. Can meet the different needs between partners. The partner should pay more attention to choosing a mattress. On average, people toss and turn more than 20 times a night. If the partner chooses an improper mattress, they may affect each other during sleep, and each other may not get a good sleeping environment. In addition to custom mattresses, a more convenient way is to add suitable padding on one side of the bed to meet different needs.
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