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Share some tips for matching mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-04
Nowadays, many people know how to choose a mattress. Generally, they choose according to their actual needs. Some people also pay attention to the matching aspect, which makes the layout of the home more beautiful, and at the same time it can make people feel comfortable. Sleep. Mattress matching skills: It is common for hard mattress manufacturers to introduce flat beds. From simple soil kang, wooden bed, steel frame bed, etc., all belong to flat beds, which are relatively stiff in themselves, so you need to use a mattress The softness and elasticity of the flat bed make up for the lack of rigidity of the flat bed. You can use a natural latex mattress with a thickness of about 300px to 375px to get a flexible sleeping space. Mattress matching skills: What kind of mattress is used for the ribbed bed? The ribbed bed is elastic due to its material and shape, and the gap is large. If you want its elasticity to be in a good state, you need to carefully choose a mattress. The thickness is about 250px^preferably. The thinner mattress can only feel the elasticity of the frame bed when you sleep, and latex can also absorb the noise generated by the elastic deformation of the frame, giving you a quiet sleeping environment. A bed used by children to sleep, such a bed cannot be cushioned with a thick mattress, and children are not too heavy, so the elasticity and thickness of the mattress need not be so high. Of course, when children are growing up, they can’t sleep on a hard bed, but they can’t sleep on a too soft mattress. At this time, it is better to choose a thinner natural latex mattress with a thickness of about 75px to 125px. Related reading: Explore the impact of mattresses on sleep. Manufacturers of hard mattresses should also pay attention to removing the outer packaging film before using the mattress. It is easy to wrap it with a mattress cover or sheet to prevent it from getting dirty. The mattress should be placed flat on a dry and flat hardwood board, not on a soft support such as a brown shed bed, otherwise it will affect sleep.
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