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Points to note when installing a water mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-24
Nowadays, people’s requirements are relatively high. For example, there is a mattress with water in it, which can help reduce fatigue and at the same time adjust it to a suitable temperature for yourself. However, due to its complex internal structure, it is installed At that time, we need to understand some specific details. Hard mattress manufacturers introduced that when installing water mattresses, you need to take out the bed cover, and then unzip the zipper to make the bed cover flat on the bed surface. At this time, you can put a layer of bedding under the bed cover, which not only protects you. The role can also play a role in heat preservation. Then we took out the capsule and laid it flat in the bed cover, with the two nozzles upwards, and adjusted the position, connected the thermostat and the wires deep inside the capsule, put the probe under the capsule, and placed the injection Lift the nozzle and exhaust port to open. Then insert one end of the water pipe into the water inlet to start filling water. At this time, pay attention to the water pipe head must be inserted firmly to prevent the water pipe head from rushing out of the water inlet to wet the bed and the ground due to excessive water pressure. At the same time, insert the exhaust pipe into the bladder. The vent of the body begins to vent. When the water is slowly poured into the bed, use a towel prepared in advance to wipe off part of the water droplets from the depth of the water injection port. In the process of adding water, the gas in the capsule should be exhausted as much as possible. The gas can be exhausted as much as possible by squeezing from the head end of the bed to one end of the exhaust hole as much as possible. When the capsule is almost full but there is still a lot of gas in it, you can fold the water pipe to stop filling it with water. At this time, press the capsule to push out the gas as much as possible, and then continue to fill with water.
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