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Pillows and mattresses can’t make do with

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-13
The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine recently notified the results of the national supervision and spot check on the quality of 37 types of products. Among them, the qualified rate of spring soft mattress products was 88%, and the amount of formaldehyde emission was the main problem that caused the unqualified.   At least one third of a person’s life is spent in bed. The two 'intimate partners' who stay with you for a good night are often unobtrusive. They are pillows and mattresses that are rarely mentioned.  Pillow selection: good ventilation and suitable height.   Pillows that are too hard, too soft, too high, or too short will affect sleep and cause harm to the cervical spine. The proper pillow height should be as high as your fist when lying flat, and as high as your shoulder when lying on your side, and it should be curved to support your neck. As people often change their postures during sleep, it is really difficult to make a pillow that meets this requirement. You can make a buckwheat or chaff pillow yourself, which can flow like sand with the turning of your head. The breathability of the pillow is better, which is good for sleep and the skin on the head and face.   Then, how high is the right pillow? This varies from person to person, and is related to each person's weight, shoulder width, neck length, and sleeping posture. A pillow that is too high will easily reflex the neck, while a pillow that is too low will have poor support and the neck will not be able to rest and recover.   The appropriate height of the pillow is generally 10-15 cm. The pillow should be slightly higher for people with shoulder width, fat body, and long neck. For people who are accustomed to sleeping on their backs, the pillow height should be the same as their fist height after compression (the height of the fist raised up); for people who are accustomed to sleeping on the side, the pillow height should be the width of the shoulder after compression and their side Consistency is appropriate.   In addition, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, and asthma should have a slightly higher pillow, and those with low blood pressure and anemia should use a lower pillow.   There are three main types of mattresses currently on the market: a spring mattress distributes the body's weight evenly on the entire mattress to avoid excessive pressure on any part of the body. The mattress can be turned in any direction and is extremely durable. The spring structure has good air permeability and can create a cool and dry micro-environment.  The foam mattress is full of elasticity and can cushion the vibration caused by body movements. Even if the person next to the pillow turns over frequently, it will not affect your peaceful sleep. Latex mattresses are soft and tough, have the characteristics of shape retention and restoration, can support all parts of the body, and perform well in terms of average pressure distribution.   When choosing a mattress, you should pay attention to being close-fitting, ventilating, and environmentally friendly. The fit is often ignored when judging whether a mattress is suitable for you. Different bodies and different sleeping habits determine different bedding needs.   The air permeability is considered because hot and humid air is generated during sleep. The air permeability of the mattress is not good, and the hot and humid air is not easy to volatilize, causing harm to the human body. The environmental protection problem mainly depends on whether the material meets the relevant standards and regulations. In order to maintain strength and prolong life, the mattress should be changed every three months.   In addition, pillows and mattresses need to be kept clean and dry, and they need to be exposed to the sun regularly, especially on sauna days. The right pillows and mattresses make you comfortable, eliminate fatigue as soon as possible, and stay healthy. Pillows and mattresses that barely make do, although the body may temporarily adapt, but sooner or later, spinal damage will occur.
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