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Nine problems with latex mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-09
In fact, it is very common for latex mattresses to enter Chinese families, but many friends still have some questions about latex mattresses. For these questions, the editor will answer one by one: 01. Can latex mattresses really resist bacteria and mites? Answer: Yes! The oak protein in latex can inhibit the latent of pathogenic bacteria and allergens, with a bacteriostatic rate of 99.99%, so there is no need for ultraviolet sterilization by sunlight. The nature of natural latex will not produce mites, it will be a good protection for our skin! 02. Can latex mattresses really improve sleep? Answer: Yes! The latex mattress has seven human body support points, which can automatically adjust the support to meet the exclusive support of the curve of each part of the human body. The support force naturally adapts to any posture of the sleeper, and relieves back pain caused by sleep and difficulty falling asleep. 03. Can latex mattresses treat cervical spondylosis? Answer: It cannot be treated, but the ergonomic design principle of the latex mattress with auxiliary and corrective functions conforms to the human body curve. It disperses the pressure of the human body according to various parts of the human spine, realizes all-round support, corrects poor sleeping posture, and improves spine diseases during sleep. 04. Do latex mattresses smell normal? Answer: Yes! Ordinary latex will emit a faint milk scent, which is the taste of latex itself, which is harmless to the human body, and is a unique taste that other mattresses do not have. 05. Will latex mattresses be soft? Answer: No! Will not collapse, moderate hardness, rebound very fast, and not easily deformed. When you turn over, the stressed part will rebound quickly, hug your neck again, and continue to protect your spine during sleep. Coupled with a touch of milk, it can effectively improve the quality of sleep! 06. There are small holes and even small broken corners on the surface of latex. Is there a quality problem? Answer: No! Natural latex will naturally form some air bubbles when foaming, and some small defects will occur in some production links, such as manual demoulding and trimming. This is inevitable, but this is not a quality problem and does not affect the use. 07. Will latex mattresses become static? Answer: No! Natural latex does not contain any metal components, which can prevent the formation of magnetic fields and achieve electrostatic insulation! Don't worry about the discomfort caused by static electricity when you turn over! 08. Is the hygroscopicity and breathability of latex mattresses really good? Answer: Yes! There are thousands of honeycomb holes inside, which hold more air than other fibers. These holes can expel waste heat and moisture from the body, promote natural ventilation, provide a natural air-conditioning system, and keep the air in the pillow fresh and healthy. It can maintain a comfortable feeling every season. 09. Can latex mattresses really last ten years? Answer: Yes! In principle, the service life can be up to 5 years, but if properly maintained, it can be used for 10 years! Maintenance tips for latex mattresses: 1. It is used together with the inner sleeve, which is not easy to remove. 2. Be sure to change the sheets, bedspreads, and keep the surface of the mattress clean and hygienic. 3. During transportation, do not squeeze or fold at will, so as not to damage the mattress.
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