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NIKE AIR MAX mattress technology and its classic products

by:Suiforlun mattress      2020-09-25

Nike mattress technologylong term innovation

In 1979 Nike launched its first cushion technology into market. Through pouring mattress into running shoes, since then it successfully changed the athletes wearing experience.

Eight years later, Nike continued to bring the latest achievements of scientific research into the design of running shoes. Nike Air cushion unit had become larger and it meant it had a stronger shock absorber performance and brought more comfort, along with the launch of Nike Air Max and it was the first time showed up in front of the whole. Athletes can see also can experience the benefits of Nike air cushion. Since then, many Nike air cushion products first were sold on the shoes market , and it gradually widely appeared on track ground.

Nike Air Max running shoes was first showed up in 1987 that may be called as a revolution. For the first time, athletes could see also could experience the benefits of Nike air cushion. Since then, Nike had continued to improve its producing technology.With the development of the produching technology ,we can see more and more advantages on the Nike Air Max running shoes than other brand shoes . It also could make the Nike Air Max be looked better than the former one.

Adhering to the Nike's innovative concept , Nike launched another kind of running shoesNike Air Max 360 .This style of running shoes brought the greatest soft and lasting wearing experience.We could see that from all perspective .And we should owe its success to its mattress components.This kind of running shoes without using foam, and no insole, only Nike mattress playing the role.

The classic products.

1987Air Max 1

So far, the Nike cushion technology keep its mystery to the people.We can see the benefits that it brings to us , but we don't know where the airbag it is .So the designer Tinker Hatfield took an new technology , try to let us know the airbag.It was the most advanced innovation at that time.

1991Air Max 180

The Nike's designers knew that they should make the airbag bigger than before. Because it's bigger, and it's better.At the same time ,this style of shoes took another advanced technology and made it look more beautiful than before. So what was the different of the Air Max 180? It's the first time that the designer took part in the products publicity.

1993Air Max 93

Nike designers would further improve the blowing molding technology, make the air in the partition through the full package, also the air cushion now lived with parts.The kind of shoes offered more soft, effective buffer, and overall it looked brand-new.

1995Air Max 95

The technical improvement of Air Max running shoes 95 are mainly embodied before the forepaws and toe area.It added a dual pressure to foot mattress, and fully combined the airbag stability and flexibility. In the running shoes design , they added the iconic for the first time . Along with the development of Air Max running shoes, we had only one goal in mind: pour life into air.

1997Air Max 97

Nike designers had got a breakthrough, designed a mattress unit that run throughout the whole palm, but it still used a layer of PU foam. This was the first kind of the air cushion which was used for running, and many other design styles followed.

2003Air Max 03

In six years of groping the division of QiDianXie bottom, Nike designers returned to the whole palm gasbag design, and this actually began in 1997. Meanwhile, they also greatly reduced the insole foam, and replaced the insole foam with an accommodatable airbag box. No foam soles are no longer an impossible illusion , and that become the inevitable trend.

2006Air Max 360

Air Max 360 running shoes is more focused on top of comfort and good performance. This pair of shoes without using foam, and pure Nike air cushion brought most athletes the soft and comfortable wearing experience.To Nike Air Max, there were no insole, just Nike air cushion played a role.

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