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[Multiple pictures] UV marble is more environmentally friendly and beautiful. Comparison of UV marble and natural stone

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-30
Today, our experts will bring you, hope that through our introduction, you will have a deeper understanding of other issues. Natural stone faces the four seasons of climate change and loves the protective film on its surface that is corroded by weathering. In this case, its radioactive elements Will be released and cause harm to people. Experts from Longcheng UV Marble Manufacturers said that although some merchants would say that their products are pure natural stone that has been sealed and waxed, it can eliminate radioactive pollution inside. But what everyone doesn't know is that the sealing and waxing process cannot completely solve radioactive pollution. However, the most terrible thing is that there is a high possibility of other pollution during the waxing process. Compared with the radiation pollution of natural stone, Longcheng not only has no radioactivity, but also avoids its shortcomings of uneven intensity of chromatic aberration. Since natural stone is mined from natural rock mass, it is difficult for the formed patterns and textures to be naturally connected. Therefore, large-scale paving cannot be achieved when used, and it is difficult to form a unified and complete style. Longcheng UV marble adopts advanced digital spray glaze texture, which can make the connection between different tiles more harmonious and natural. It not only avoids the shortcomings of natural stone marble, but also UV marble is environmentally friendly and beautiful, and it can be matched and laid freely according to personal preferences. More people like: The advantages of UV marble 1 health, environmental protection and no radiation 2 controllable chromatic aberration 3 strong anti-fouling performance 4 low renovation cost 5 high product utilization, low loss 6 UV marble is more flexible than natural stone, not easy to break, in Disadvantages that it is not easy to cause loss of UV marble during processing and transportation 1. Be cautious when using UV marble in a high temperature environment. The temperature that can withstand is above 100 degrees Celsius and higher than 150 degrees Celsius is not conducive to use. Protection of stone. The shortcomings of natural stone 1 obvious color difference 2 relatively brittle, fragile 3 difficult to process, large loss 4 radiation 5 high maintenance cost above is a brief introduction about 'the difference between imitation marble and natural marbleHome Furnishings and many other related products, if you are more interested, you can contact us for more detailed information!
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