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Mattress wholesale teaches you how to distinguish the quality of mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-09
How to distinguish the quality of mattresses? Mattress wholesale Mattresses are common in our home life, so do you know the quality of mattresses? Do you know how to judge the quality of the mattress? Let's follow the editor of the Compa mattress manufacturer to find out. When buying a mattress, it is often very distressing. Generally, the mattress is sealed so that the inside is not visible. How to distinguish it? Today, the editor will explain relevant knowledge next, hoping to help everyone buy mattresses. Mattresses need to be used for a long time. The quality is very important. If problems such as depression and noise appear after using for a long time, it will seriously affect the quality of sleep. In the end, we can only change the mattress, so we must sassafras when buying. Keep your eyes open, distinguish carefully, and choose good quality products. Let’s take a look at how to identify the quality of the mattress. 1. The fabric workmanship of the mattress should be as comfortable as falling asleep. The fabric workmanship is very important. Generally, it can only be judged from the appearance. Pay attention to the mattress joints to be tight and smooth, smooth and wrinkle-free, the seam edge is firm, and the tie is straight and smooth. When the deformation occurs, touch the fabric with your hands, it should be soft and comfortable, without roughness, and the mattress will not make a squeaking noise. 2. Look at the product identification Product identification is the main way for us to understand the product. Generally, there will be basic information such as product name, material introduction, registered trademark, manufacturer, etc., and some also have qualification certificates and reputation cards. Those beds without product identification Do not buy the pads, they are not produced by regular manufacturers, and the quality is not guaranteed.  3. Ask the after-sales service    Good genuine mattresses will have a warranty period. Quality problems during the warranty period can be repaired free of charge. When buying a mattress, don’t forget to ask the salesperson about the after-sales service. 4. Look at the internal materials. Generally speaking, mattresses cannot be opened, but now many well-known brands have introduced zipper-type detachable mattresses. Although the internal materials are fixed and cannot be seen directly, it is more important to open the mattress to identify it. Intuitively, the internal structure is clear at a glance, and brands that dare to show the inside of the mattress are obviously very confident in their products. The main identification of mattress quality is these, but this can only be used as a reference. After all, it is impossible to obtain more information in a short time, and it takes a long time to judge. So the editor recommends that you look up more online before buying. According to user reviews of different brands of mattresses, they choose well-known and reputable brands to purchase.
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