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Mattress wholesale soft and hard judgment

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-27
The comfort of a mattress is related to the health of the bones and the quality of life. The mattress is uncomfortable, causing low back pain, hip and knee joints, and perhaps even the whole body changes. From infancy, learn to slowly raise your head and sit down until you walk, and the four physiological curvatures of the spine are gradually formed. Those are the first flexion, lumbar flexion, chest flexion and sacral flexion. Physiological curvature can stabilize the position of internal organs and cushion the impact of exercise on the spine. After the physiological curvature is stabilized, the surrounding muscles form a protective mechanism that stabilizes the normal physiological curve. If you keep your head down, brush your phone, sit down, etc., if you maintain a bad posture for a long time, the muscles around the cervical and lumbar spine will be unbalanced. The elderly and lumbar disc herniation The spine of the elderly becomes dehydrated, brittle and degenerates with age. The ability of soft beds to support the waist is insufficient, inflammation and regression accelerate, so the elderly must sleep on hard beds. People with degeneration or herniated lumbar discs must sleep on a hard bed. Originally, the bones are in an incorrect physiological curvature, and sleeping on a soft bed will only aggravate the condition. 1. On the material for judging softness and hardness, palm mattresses have sufficient hardness, and latex is relatively soft. In addition, the thickness will also affect the hardness, so it is safe to go to the site and see for yourself. When trying it out, lie on the mattress and put your hands between your neck, waist, and hips to see if there is a gap in these three obvious bends. Lie on the mattress again, and see if the sunken part of the body is connected to the mattress and there is no gap. It is proved that if the gap is large, the mattress is hard, and if the gap is not obvious, it is suitable. 2. The scientific thickness of spring mattress with good bearing capacity is 12 to 450px. Palm mattresses may be thicker and harder. When choosing, it is still necessary to discuss according to the material.
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