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Mattress wholesale should carefully identify qualified products

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-02
However, because mattress products are more special at the time of purchase and the packaging is stricter, it is difficult for consumers to understand the inherent quality of the mattress when buying. In addition, the mattress market is mixed, and many unqualified products cannot be easily distinguished. However, you should understand the relevant knowledge in advance when wholesale mattresses to avoid complaints from consumers for selling unqualified products. It is normal for a new mattress to have a peculiar smell. It may be formaldehyde or other odors. If it is left for a few days, it can still be faintly smelled. You should return to the seller as soon as possible. Poor material If your new mattress has been sleeping for a few days and you find that the internal springs of the mattress make noise, then this is usually either unqualified or rusty, or it is made of inferior springs. Misrepresenting the material A few years ago, a branded mattress was found to be non-flammable. During the test, the soft pack part of the mattress was basically burning, and there was obvious burning outside the 100mm fire source position on the sample (according to the standard, no burning or flare burning should be carried out within 1 hour after igniting the cigarette ). Excessive Formaldehyde Emissions At present, there are endless forms of excessive formaldehyde emissions, which will seriously affect human health. Mattresses, as our indispensable furniture, must prevent excessive formaldehyde. Therefore, when wholesale mattresses, the quality inspection report of the mattress should be consulted to determine whether it meets the environmental protection standards. Among them, the palm fiber elastic mattress is likely to exceed the formaldehyde standard. Then observe whether the mattress lining and cushion are clean and tasteless. If there is a zipper on the side of the mattress, you should try to carefully open the material inside. It is necessary to observe whether the seams around the mattress are straight and smooth, whether there are broken needles on the fabric, etc., which will affect the use time of the mattress. After buying it back, try to find out the packaging film on the outside and use it after leaving it for a few days.
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