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Mattress wholesale manufacturers tell you 5 major misunderstandings of mattress use

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-12
Mattress wholesale manufacturers tell you the 5 major misunderstandings of mattress use. Mattresses are intimate 'partners' of people. People always follow their own habits during use. Those small habits seem to have no effect on us, but for As far as the mattress is concerned, it may affect the effect and lifespan of use, and then affect the quality of sleep. Let’s take a look at these misunderstandings. Have you been 'successful'?  1. Do not tear the packaging film when using the new mattress.    Newly bought mattresses are usually covered with a packaging film in order to prevent contamination during transportation. Many consumers feel that 'the mattress that was bought for a big price, it would be a pity if it gets soiledOn the contrary, it is not breathable, and it is more prone to dampness, mildew, and even smelly.   Countermeasures: Before using the mattress, tear off the packaging film and place the mattress in a ventilated place for a period of time to ventilate the inside of the mattress and keep it dry. In addition, if the mattress has been used for a period of time, you can also put the mattress upright and blow it with an electric fan. In addition, it can be equipped with a dehumidifier to let the mattress breathe fresh air occasionally.  2. Sleep directly on the 'naked' mat    Some people sleep directly on the mattress in order to save the trouble of laying and washing the sheets. As everyone knows, this will make the body lose about 500ml of water per night during sleep, and about 1.5 million dander cells metabolized every day, are directly 'absorbed' by the mattress, and will penetrate into the mattress from the outside to the inside over time. , Polluting the mattress makes it a breeding ground for mites and bacteria.  Countermeasure: Before putting on fresh and soft sheets, you can put a protective pad on the mattress, which can not only protect the mattress, but also increase the comfort.  3. Use sheets and blankets as sheets. Use    to use sheets and blankets that are not in use at home and directly use them as sheets. Basically, every household has done it before. After all, it is convenient and saves money. In fact, this method is not proper. One sheet or blanket is thicker than bed sheets, and sleeping on it is more stuffy; second, sheet sheets and blankets are used as sheets, which are more likely to 'pilling' or causing fluff and 'staining'. 'Mattress.  Countermeasures: Whether using bed skirts, protective cushions, bed covers or sheets, they are all to protect the mattress. The bed sheet is not only a spacer between the mattress and the human body, it can also protect the mattress from being directly soiled to a certain extent.   In the process of using the mattress, the above 5 misunderstandings are basically everyone's 'success'. Use the mattress correctly, avoid misunderstandings while protecting the mattress, and create a more comfortable and healthy sleeping environment for yourself as much as possible.  4. The mattress does not turn over for a long time.    Spring mattresses have a characteristic. If you sleep on one side, the mattress is prone to unevenness. It is easier to lose the supporting force because of the continuous force of the force point. If you sleep in one position for a long time, the spring and quilting layer of the stress point will be more severely worn, which will not only affect the sleep feeling in use, but also affect the service life.   Countermeasures: Regularly replace the left and right sides of the mattress. If it is a double-sided mattress, replace the front and back sides. The frequency of replacement is best to be reversed every 2-3 months, which will help the mattress to be evenly stressed and prevent local collapse.  5. Never clean the mattress    One night, '2 million mites accompany you to sleep' is not alarmist, after all, 1 mites can become 300 in 3 months. Especially on the mattress that has not been cleaned for a long time, or there are children's urine, spilled beverages, and side leakage of aunt's stains, etc., which provide favorable conditions for the breeding of bacteria and mites.   Countermeasures: Every time you replace the sheets, you can take a vacuum cleaner dedicated to the mattress to do a cleaning process. If you accidentally get the mattress wet, you can first use a towel or paper towel to absorb the moisture and then use a blower to dry it. If possible, you can also ask a professional de-mite team to do regular de-mite cleaning.
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