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Mattress wholesale manufacturers introduce the types of mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-04
A good mattress is very suitable for the physiological curvature of the spine, and can make the lumbar spine that is tired during the daytime activities rest during sleep. The common mattress materials in our lives are latex mattress, memory foam, polyester blend, feather, wool, etc. What are their advantages and disadvantages, you can see which mattress is suitable for you according to the following points introduced by the mattress wholesaler : 1. Latex Natural latex is made from the liquid on the rubber tree. There are also many synthetic latex fabrics on the market. Advantages: 1. As long as latex is not allergic, there is no antibacterial and allergic. 2. Strong but flexible, usually stronger than memory foam. 3. Good support for arthritis and joint pain. 4. Natural latex is very durable. 5. Latex does not transmit movement. In other words, if the partner rolls on the other side at night, they will not be disturbed. Disadvantages: 1. Natural latex is very expensive. 2. There is a rubbery smell at first use. 3. Some people think that natural latex mattresses are too hard. 4. Not suitable for people who are allergic to latex. 5. Easy to age. 2. Memory foam is a polyurethane with chemically enhanced density. The material is very soft and feels very comfortable. Mattresses of this material are very popular. Advantages: 1. Soft and comfortable. 2. Reduce the pressure of arthritis and joint pain. 3. The soft material will give people a stronger sense of comfort. 4. Turning over is more convenient and there is no noise. Disadvantages: 1. Poor heat dissipation. 2. The price is expensive. 3. There is also the shortcoming that the new mattress smells heavy. 3. Polyester blended fabric This is a cheap mattress material with poor support. Polyester blends are commonly referred to as filler fibers. I like feather beds, but they are an alternative for people with feather allergies. Advantages: 1. Very cheap. 2. No smell. 3. The softness is just right. Disadvantages: 1. No support and buffering. 2. Poor heat dissipation. 3. It becomes rough over time. 4. Getting out of bed with feather down is like getting out of bed filled with feathers. It is very soft, but not suitable for people with feather allergies. Advantages: 1. Soft. 2. It is cheaper than memory foam and latex. 3. Moderate heat dissipation. 4. Don't hinder turning over and moving on the bed. Disadvantages: 1. Down jackets can pass through the fabric. 2. Feather down is often compacted over time and needs to be shaken and dispersed regularly. 3. Not suitable for people with allergies. 5. Natural wool wool mattresses are very difficult to find, and the ones sold on the market are generally not natural. Advantages: 1. Soft and comfortable. 2. It is cool in summer and warm in winter. 3. Don't hinder turning over. 4. Very durable. 5. For many people, natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Disadvantages: 1. It may be difficult to find. 2. The price is very high. 3. There is a slight 'sheep' smell.
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