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Mattress wholesale manufacturers explain to you whether the film on the mattress needs to be removed

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-10
I think everyone will find a problem after buying a new bed, that is, a layer of plastic film is wrapped on the bed. Sometimes everyone will keep that layer of film in order to ensure that the mattress is not soiled. What is the right thing to do? Isn't it right? Next, the mattress wholesaler will take you to learn about the relevant content.   The newly bought mattress can keep the mattress as new if the plastic film is not removed. In fact, this idea is wrong. That will not only shorten the lifespan of the mattress, and make the mattress very uncomfortable, but also harmful to human health!   When you buy it back home, you must tear it off! In this way, the original health care effect will be played during use. After tearing off the film, the mattress will be ventilated, and the moisture and heat emitted by your body will be absorbed by the mattress. The mattress can also release the moisture into the air when you are not sleeping.   If the film is not torn off, the mattress will not be able to breathe and absorb moisture. After sleeping for a long time, the bed will feel wet.  Moreover, because the mattress itself is not breathable, it is more prone to mold, bacteria and mites.   Suggestions for maintaining the mattress      1. Keep it clean   It is necessary to improve the hygiene of the bedding and sun the bedding frequently. If the mattress is stained, you can use toilet paper or cloth to soak up the moisture. Do not wash it with water or detergent. Avoid lying in bed after taking a shower or sweating, let alone using electrical appliances or smoking in bed.  2. Do not often sit on the edge of the bed, bed corners   Because the four corners of the mattress are relatively fragile, sitting on the edge of the bed for a long time will easily damage the edge protection springs prematurely.  3. Regularly flip the new mattress during the first year of purchase and use. During the first year of purchase and use, the front and back, left and right or corners of the new mattress shall be rotated once every two or three months to make the spring of the mattress evenly stressed, and then flip it about once every six months.   I have read the above content, if there is still plastic film on the mattress at home, please tear it off. Put it in the sun and make sure the mattress is clean. Hope the above content can be helpful to you.
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