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Mattress wholesale manufacturers: Do not these furniture

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-13
The core reminder of mattress wholesalers: Due to the variety of products on the market today, in fact, most of the functions are the same. Many people do not pay attention to practicality when buying things, but are blinded by some gorgeous appearances, buy them back Later, the family will discover that there is no special purpose, and then they will be left unused. So today, let’s take a look at some of the furniture and decorations that look good but not useful.  1. Treadmill    Many friends place treadmills at home, so that they can exercise without going to the gym in their free time. In fact, we don’t have to spend so much time, if we really want to exercise, as long as we go outside for a run, we can get a good workout and breathe fresh air. Therefore, we don't need to buy a treadmill specially at home, which not only takes up space, but also wastes money.  2, light strip    When decorating, many people choose to install light strips in order to make their homes luxurious and luxurious. But I don’t know that this light strip is easy to be damaged. Not only is it necessary to drill holes in the ceiling to install during the decoration, the house will be covered with dust, which makes it inconvenient for us to clean up, and it is also in the process of use. , And often need to replace the light strips, which brings unnecessary trouble to our lives.  3. Balcony cabinet    Many people think that it is convenient to put a balcony cabinet on the balcony, and you can put some sundries. However, it did not take into account that the role of the balcony is indoor ventilation and drying clothes, it can be said that it is a place that is damp and cannot withstand wind and rain. Therefore, when considering whether to place a room too expensive, it is best to consider these small details!  4, air purifier    due to the impact of air pollution, many people will consider buying an air purifier for their homes, the purpose is to be able to idiot the health of the human body, play the effect of purifying indoor air. But when we use it, we will find that the so-called air purification effect is not as good as the business advocates, and it needs to be repaired if it is broken. Therefore, in order not to cause trouble to ourselves, we can not consider buying an air purifier. 5. Bed-end stool. Some friends will buy a bed-end stool in the bed for the room to look as high-end and high-end as a hotel, but the chances of us using it are very few, because most of us are used to bed together. Get down directly on the side of the bed, not going to the end of the bed to get out of bed. Therefore, the bed end stool not only takes up the space of the room, but also looks very cumbersome.
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