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[Mattress Spring Factory] What are the common types of mattress spring wire

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-31
In order to improve sleep, everyone invented a mattress with carbon spring stainless steel wire. There are many types of springs inside the mattress, but the function of each spring is different. When we choose and choose mattress spring stainless steel wire, we must choose the one that suits us according to the actual type of spring stainless steel wire. One. What is the actual spring stainless steel wire? Let's take a brief look at the mattress spring factory. 1. Interconnection type Interconnection type spring uses spiral thin iron wire to connect all the individual springs in series to become a spring net. This kind of mattress spring structure is common in more traditional spring mattresses. However, the design of the mattress is not ergonomic, and it is very easy to involve the surrounding springs, prompting the turning over to immediately disturb the lovers around, followed by this. Mattress springs with similar structures are accustomed to a long-term fixed sleeping posture or sitting on the corner of the bed or frequently rolling the mattress, which can easily cause dents or deformation of the spring mattress. 2. Independent cylinder type independent cylinder spring refers to the independent independent spring whose airtightness is in the chemical fiber bag after it is connected to the bed net. The springs can work independently and influence each other to maintain the quality of ultra-quiet sleep at night and not easily harm the lover when turning over, and improve sleep reasonably. The spring ziplock bag can reasonably avoid the growth of germs and moths, and maintain the physical and mental health of people who sleep quality. This kind of independent cylindrical mattress spring structure, although the independent cylindrical material is very good, it has less sorting, not good ductility, and harder strength. It is suitable for people with heavier weight and moderate or light weight. People still don't need to use this type of mattress. 3. The honeycomb honeycomb spring mattresses are mainly independent head spring mattresses. Among them, the honeycomb spring mattresses are different from the independent head spring mattresses with high support points. Their materials and methods are all the same, but independent The honeycomb body is unique in the overlap. Just like the honeycomb building nest, the spring structure can reduce the gap spring and improve the support point and ductility. The honeycomb independent cylinders are inseparable, with good bearing capacity, high ductility, and moderate strength, which are suitable for group applications with different weights. 4. One-line steel-type one-line steel springs are also called metal brushed stainless steel wire springs. The structure of this type of spring mattress is quite different. All the mattress cores are made of a stainless steel wire from the bedroom bed to the bedroom bed and then connected in parallel. The special feature of the first-line steel spring mattress. The spring support of this type of structure is well-balanced and well-balanced. It can make a moderate stretch according to the net weight and body shape. The supporting point is stable and stable, and the body is comfortable.
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