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[Mattress production process] What is the production process of latex mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-23
The production of latex mattresses includes collection, foaming technology, production technology, and complete management methods. Mattress production process. 1. The collection of precious raw materials, natural environmental protection, and use value reflection. It is derived from the sap of rubber trees. Rubber trees grow and develop in the subtropical and tropical zones. They are very precious at 10 degrees north and south latitudes. Each rubber tree can only produce natural latex juice with a yield of 30CC per day. 250 rubber trees are collected a day to a day and a half. A 90*200M latex mattress can be produced only by the quantity, and the raw materials are very precious. Use the detailed introduction of decorative oil paintings in stores to guide customers and enhance their appeal. 2. Special foaming technology GAM production process, using vacuum pump foaming, mineral water filtering, 10,000-ton extrusion molding testing, microwave heating air-drying technology, high pressure density testing, computer testing original factory. The frankincense scent, the exquisite production technology creates the milky scent, and the whole processing technology has no ingredients in the whole process. Milky scent can be stored for 2 to three years, and all the blocks that do not cause scent by themselves, the scent will always fade away one day. Mattress production process. 3. Production process Manual service casting mold, special exquisite processing technology, steam mold, blister forming machine, different density, seven-zone division, a mattress with seven different soft strengths, reflecting the production process. The density of latex mattress is more than 75, and the density of MPE latex mattress is in the middle of 72-78. The MPE label and WF4 label on the side of the mattress reflect the production process of MPE latex mattress. 4. Complete management method Processing factory complete production process, quality and quantity and service items. Mattress production process.
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