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[Mattress production process] How to test the practicability of mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-24
For people, falling asleep is very critical. With high-quality sleep, we can have a mellow spirit together, and with a stronger mental outlook, we can cope with the day's work and work pressure. Mattresses are a very important part of sleep, and for many people, mattresses are all similar. Mattress production process. However, some mattresses, with the change of time, will undoubtedly give people a soft feeling. Such mattresses are undoubtedly bad for the spine, let alone sleep. ! In order to have a good sleep, in addition to a good mattress, how to test the applicability of the mattress is also very important. A good mattress tester makes the mattress not easy to settle! Mattress production process. The comprehensive tester for the durability of mattress pads uses rollers with a certain net weight in the middle sleeping area of u200bu200bthe mattress pads to carry out extrusion molding tests. The loading durability test is carried out with the required loading pad and the required force value. The simulation simulates the harm caused by the use of people living on the edge of the mattress and the buttocks loading the mattress. After carrying out a certain frequency of loading, compare the height of the left and right cushions before and after the test, the height of the surrounding edges, the change in strength and the damage of the mattress to identify the quality of the mattress. Mattress production process.
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