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Mattress manufacturers-these benefits of latex mattresses you should know

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-31
Latex mattresses are relatively fashionable mattresses recently, but some people do not have a special understanding of the benefits of latex mattresses. Today's mattress manufacturers will give you a brief introduction on this issue. 1. Better physical performance. Among all mattresses, latex can match the body curve faster and keep seamless splicing to cater; in addition, the high resilience performance of latex can promote every position of the body. Evenly share the work pressure. It is not easy to cause discomfort to a certain area of u200bu200byou hanging in the air and harm the quality of sleep. 2. Better moisture-removal and air-removing performance. Take a look at the mattress that has been sleeping for a long time. Many people find that there is a wet mark on the top, indicating that many moisture polymers in the body are together, and there is no excellent moisture-removing and air-permeability performance. , It will cause the residual dampness to flow back to the body, causing hidden dangers of rheumatism or endangering sleep. The pure natural latex has been resolved by polyurethane foaming and transformed into honeycomb-shaped microporous plates. This kind of holes promotes the 360-degree indoor ventilation of the mattress without blind spots, and thus can promote the recovery of waste heat released by the body to be released naturally, and sleep well. More fragrant. 3. Better anti-mite and anti-bacterial performance. A normal mattress will accumulate a lot of dust in it after 2 years. Coupled with the reason of poor ventilation and moisture absorption, it will cause millions of mites inside. The palm protein in latex can inhibit pathogenic bacteria and allergens, and the excellent natural ventilation performance also destroys the living conditions of mites.
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