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Mattress manufacturers tell you what are the misunderstandings in mattress maintenance?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-16
Mattress manufacturers tell you what are the misunderstandings in mattress maintenance:    How to clean mattresses Mattresses are usually made of foam materials, springs and jackets. Some old-fashioned mattresses are fluffy mattresses, while futon mattresses are filled with lint. All types of mattresses can benefit from routine maintenance. Turn the mattress over once a month to ensure that it wears evenly.   Cover the mattress with cotton or rubber bedspread to avoid soiling. Remove stains in time, but do not make the mattress too wet during the cleaning process, wait until the mattress is completely dry before making the bed.  The more springs, the better  There are many determinants of the quality of the mattress. The number of springs can only explain one problem, that is, the spring is very strong, not the number of springs but the material of the spring, and the pressure resistance and spring elasticity are determined. When buying a mattress, you need to carry the weight according to your needs.  The mattress is not replaced all year round   Generally speaking, the useful life of a spring mattress is usually about 10 years. In other words, the mattress that has been used for ten years has been subjected to long-term heavy pressure on the spring, resulting in a certain degree of change in its elasticity, resulting in a gap in the fit between the body and the bed, so that the human spine is Cannot get the most effective support and is in a bent state. Therefore, even if there is no partial damage, a new mattress should be replaced in time.  Mattress franchise factories should also follow the instructions below  Pillows should be ventilated once a month and dried on the window or clothesline.   The feather or down pillow should be shaken every day to remove dust, and the pillow core should be arranged and balanced.  Use a zippered cotton or polyester pillowcase to protect the pillow.  Before washing feather or down pillows, you must make sure that there are no holes or bare threads. When washing feathers or feather pillows by hand or in the machine, you should choose a neutral detergent and wash them with cold water. It is best to wash two pillows at the same time, or add a bath towel to balance the burden.   foam pillows are best washed by hand and hung to dry. Change the hanging position every hour to make the pillow dry evenly. Never put foam pillows in the dryer.   When using a clothes dryer to blow dry or down pillows, please set low temperature drying. Put a pair of clean, dry tennis shoes into the dryer to help distribute the down evenly during the drying process.   If you follow these simple steps listed in this article to clean, the bedding will stay in top condition. And, because the bedding is more comfortable, you can also sleep better.  Polyester-filled pillows can be machine washed or hands washed with warm water in a multifunctional detergent. If you use a dryer to dry these pillows, you need to set a medium temperature.
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