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Mattress manufacturers tell you the matching skills of bed and mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-21
The mattress manufacturer tells you the matching skills of the bed and the mattress:    The combination of the bed and the mattress is generally not considered by people. The beautiful appearance and the overall effect are good. This basically satisfies consumers. But with the ingenious combination of bed and mattress, it can bring a lot of comfort and health to your sleep and life! Achieving deep sleep still requires your careful collocation! There are actually several types of beds and mattresses. According to their different types and properties, we can match them with comfortable and healthy bedding. Follow the editor today to learn about the matching skills of bed and mattress! 1. Row frame bed Next, let’s introduce what kind of mattress is used for the row frame bed. The ribbed bed is very elastic due to its material and shape, and the gap is large. If you want its elasticity to play a good state, you need to choose a bed carefully. pad. One of the special mattresses for Sealy Hotel in the United States is about 20cm thick. Only when you sleep on a thinner mattress can you feel the elasticity of the skeletal bed, giving you a quiet sleeping environment. 2. Flat bed Flat bed is a common bed for Chinese people. From simple earth kang, wooden bed, steel frame bed, etc., all belong to flat bed. On its own, it is relatively stiff, so the softness of the mattress is needed. And elasticity to make up for the lack of rigidity of the flat bed. You can use a mattress with a thickness of about 12cm to 15cm to get a flexible sleeping space and experience the ultimate good sleep. 3. Japanese-style beds Japanese-style beds are generally low in design, and there may be other small coffee tables or cushions on the bed. Different styles of Japanese-style beds also need different types of mattresses to match in order to be close in appearance and inwardness Perfect. Take a Japanese-style tatami bed for example, a thicker mattress is needed, because this is enough to reduce the hardness of the bed board and reduce the difficulty of getting out of the bed and standing. The thickness of the mattress should be between 18cm and 20cm.  4. Children's bed   Children are in a critical period of bone growth and development, and their requirements for beds and mattresses are relatively high. It is recommended to choose a natural latex mattress, which can effectively correct the sleeping posture and keep the spine on a level surface when the child’s body sleeps flat and sideways. It caters to the body's arc and fits the support, allowing the body to relax completely. Promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, and help bone growth and development. Sealy America has also specially developed a special mattress for teenagers and children. It is different from ordinary mattresses. It is developed for the healthy growth and development of children and can be placed on any bed.
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