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Mattress manufacturers teach you how to distinguish latex mattresses? Five steps!

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-17
Mattress is an indispensable product in our lives, and its quality will directly affect everyone's health. At present, latex mattresses have attracted the attention and love of consumers because of their natural material, formaldehyde-free, and good elasticity. But do you know how to make effective judgments in the current market that does not distinguish between true and false? Mattress manufacturers teach you how to do it.   Method one: smell. Because natural latex itself emits a faint frankincense odor, the odor near the natural latex mattress will emit a faint natural fragrance. If the mattress emits a pungent chemical or strong smell, it cannot be made of natural latex, but a mattress made of chemical latex or synthetic latex.  Method 2: Observe the color. The surface of natural latex mattress is light, not very shiny, and the surface of the mattress is delicate, some wrinkles, and dense honeycomb holes; while chemical latex or latex is made of latex, the surface will be shiny, have a sense of tension, and look very smooth. There are no pores or fine pores, and every particle and protrusion is full and looks very beautiful.   Method Three: Touch and smooth. Natural latex feels comfortable and smooth, just like a baby’s skin. Touching a natural latex mattress with sweaty hands will make the latex yellow; chemical latex or synthetic latex made with latex mattresses feels smooth, but has no texture and feels firm in the hands. Not soft.   Method 4: Compress elasticity. Natural latex has good elasticity. When pressed by hand, natural latex mattresses will rebound quickly; while latex mattresses made of chemical latex or synthetic latex will have indentations and slow rebound after being pressed.   Method 5: Hard and soft. When you buy a latex mattress, you can lie up, try to sleep, and feel the firmness, softness and adaptability of the mattress. Real natural latex mattresses sleep on the waist, neck, calves and other parts of the gap will be good support, will not be compressed or suspended; chemical latex or synthetic latex made of latex mattresses sleep hard, or Too soft to fit the body part completely, poor compatibility.   To put it simply, latex mattresses are based on the three points of taste, smell and touch. On this basis, finding reference conditions such as elasticity and flexibility, I believe it is not difficult for everyone to judge. The above is the method that mattress manufacturers bring to you.
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