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Mattress manufacturers share some knowledge about the correct use and maintenance of mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-23
Mattress manufacturers share the correct way to use the mattress:    1. Before use, remove the plastic packaging bag on the outer layer of the mattress.  2. When starting to use, put on a bed sheet, it is best to put on a clean bed cover or a bed sheet, to better prevent the mattress from getting dirty and make the bed maintenance easier.  3. It is not advisable to let children jump on the mattress, to reduce the fatigue of the metal caused by local pressure, and to reduce the safety accidents of the children.   4. The mattress should not be overstressed locally, and it is not advisable to sit on the edge of the mattress or the 4 corners of the mattress for a long time.  5. Keep the environment ventilated and dry to avoid moisture on the mattress and do not expose the mattress to the sun for too long.  6. u200bu200bWhen transporting the mattress, avoid excessive deformation, do not bend or fold it (except for the folded style).  7. If you accidentally knock over liquid beverages such as tea or coffee on the bed, you should immediately use a towel or toilet paper to dry it with heavy pressure, and then dry it with a hair dryer.   8. Clean the mattress regularly with a vacuum cleaner. Do not wash the mattress directly with water or detergent.  9. It can be used by turning over the mattress from time to time (usually 3 to 6 months), turning it upside down or reversed from end to end to make it evenly stressed and prolong its service life.   Next, the professional manufacturer of mattresses will sort out some tips on daily mattress maintenance for everyone. Let’s take a look!    It is recommended that you turn the mattress over every two weeks during the first three months of using the mattress. After three months, turn the dough about every two to three months. Turning the mattress over can make the wear more even and help maintain the comfort of the mattress for a longer time. Someone must help when turning the mattress over, and never try to turn the mattress on your own.   Vacuuming the mattress will help remove dust and mites. If liquid is spilled on the mattress to stain it, please use a mixture of neutral soap and cold water or a furniture cleaner. When applying water to the mattress, the amount must be small. Take care to prevent the mattress from sucking water or any other liquid into the mattress. Do not use chemicals, as such substances may severely damage the mattress and even have a negative impact on health.   A good way to protect the mattress is to match it with a mattress. The mattress can extend the life of the mattress and is more hygienic because you can easily remove, wash and dry the mattress. After using the mattress, making the bed is also more convenient.  Daily changing sheets, bedspreads, and keeping the surface of the mattress clean and hygienic. Avoid jumping on the mattress, playing around to eat or drink.  Do not fold the mattress, as this may damage the internal springs and materials. If you have to bend the mattress to enter due to the narrow entrance, please bend it gently.   When transporting the mattress, please hold it by the side of the mattress. This is the easiest way to transport the mattress and helps prevent damage to the mattress. The handle on the side of the mattress is only for turning the mattress over; please do not use it when carrying it.   In areas or seasons with heavy humidity, the mattress should be moved outside and blown to keep the bed itself dry and fresh.
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