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Mattress manufacturers share about the hazards of old mattresses!

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-18
The old mattress is outdated and still in use. This kind of mattress needs to be replaced, otherwise it will not be good for personal sleep. In addition, the material of the mattress becomes worse and it is not suitable for people to use. Each type of mattress has a certain lifespan. , We need to realize this, so as to avoid some unnecessary harm! The following mattress manufacturers will show you the hazards of old mattresses! Knowledge sharing of mattress manufacturers: 1. The mites on old mattresses have adverse effects on human health. Mite is a kind of pest that is hard to see with the naked eye. It is harmful to human health and can easily cause respiratory diseases when used for a long time. The mat is a kind of hotbed for the mites, especially suitable for their survival and development, and the reproduction speed is very fast. If a large number of mites accumulate together, the human skin will feel allergic, the quality of sleep will be reduced, and it will be unfavorable for human sleep and rest. 2. The material of the old mattress has deteriorated and the sleep quality is not good. The surface fabric of the old mattress, the spring fabric inside, and the filling layer fabric have exceeded its own weight, which can no longer meet the requirements of good sleep, mites and various The breeding of bacteria is also more, it is necessary to replace the mattress, otherwise it will affect the quality of sleep. 3. The deformation of the old mattress seriously affects human bone health. The normal shape of the human spine is S-shaped. The old mattress often collapses and deforms, the mattress is unbalanced, and the support is insufficient. Sleeping on the deformed old mattress for a long time , The mattress disperses the body weight unevenly, causing spine deformation, insufficient rest, fatigue and pain after waking up. Then through our mattress manufacturer’s remarks above, I believe that everyone has realized the hazards of the old mattress, so it is reasonable to replace the new mattress. This is not only the avoidance of the hazards, but also the quality of our long-term sleep. It's a great help, why not do it?
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