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[Mattress manufacturers] Latex pillows and latex mattresses should pay attention to maintenance

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-25
Latex is becoming more and more popular. As the number of users increases, there are more and more inquiries about how to clean and maintain latex pillows and mattresses. For example, how to deal with blood stains on the latex? What should I do if it is dirty? Can you please wait. Mattress manufacturers are here to explain to everyone. 1. Can latex pillows be washed by hand? Because you sleep at night, the inevitable sweat, dandruff, and saliva enter the pillow core. After a long time, the pillow core will get better and better. Although latex has the effect of anti-mite and anti-bacterial, it still makes the pillow core. People feel like they want to clean them on time. Can latex pillows be cleaned? Latex pillows can be cleaned, but you must pay attention to the cleaning method: there are three tricks for cleaning latex pillows! . Latex mattresses can theoretically be cleaned, but for such a large object, there is no area at all that can be flattened and cleaned, unless you have a very large bathroom and can learn to put down a mattress. 2. How to wash blood stains on latex? A few days earlier, some friends will ask the trees, what should I do if there is blood stains on the latex mattress? In fact, it is very easy to solve, you can wash the part with blood stains in cold water, you can add detergent with active enzymes, and repeat the squeeze molding cleaning to reasonably remove the blood stains on the latex. 3. Is it normal for latex to turn yellow? After applying it for a period of time, some people find that the latex pillow turns yellow and think it is a product quality problem. In fact, it is a natural reflection. Latex is a purely natural material product. When it comes in contact with CO2, light, temperature and humidity in the air, it will cause a natural oxidation-reduction reaction, so don't care. 4. Can latex pillows be sun-dried? Some people want to put them in the sun after washing the latex pillows. This kind of practice is not correct! Pure natural latex is very easy to oxidize in the air. Under the condition of very strong ultraviolet light, the color of the latex after air oxidation will become darker and hard; the latex pillows that are exposed to the sun are very easy to crack and fall off the powdery residue. Be careful! 5. Can latex pillows shrink? For convenient transportation, many latex pillows and mattresses are compressed by vacuum pumps to express companies. Do you think that latex pillows and latex mattresses can be reduced by vacuum pumps? It can be done in the short term, but don’t do that after 6 months. It is very easy to deform due to the high temperature.
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