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Mattress manufacturers introduce how to relieve noise troubles?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-11
The mattress manufacturer introduces how to relieve noise troubles?    Today, in the 'fast food' era, every day from the morning alarm to the noise in the office, to the whistle to and from work, everyone is deeply immersed In all kinds of noisy natural environments, even rest days are no exception.   Then I took the mattress manufacturer and explored the noise hazards during the night rest. At night, the central air conditioner is noisy when it is running, and the creaking noise from the mattress manufacturer's mattress is very uncomfortable and endangers the rest of the family.   Poor sleep quality in women is equal to phase loss, and poor sleep quality in men endangers women’s work. The poor sleep quality of the elderly is indeed related to life, and children and children do not sleep well in a day and have no spiritual essence.   Mattress manufacturers who are exposed to noise for a long time are likely to cause English listening fatigue and hearing loss, which in turn leads to a decline in English listening sensitivity, which seriously harms learning, training, work and life. Noise can easily cause annoyance, excitement and anger, which can damage everyone's attention, reduce work efficiency, and cause great harm to mental health. 'In everyone's homes, when the heating season comes, there is a headache. In the past, the air conditioner was noisy and it was too cold to sleep without blowing on the air conditioner. If you want to sleep well, it has become a luxury; the hot summer is here. The mattress manufacturer recommends replacing the noise-reducing central air-conditioning and experiential mattress as soon as possible, so that the sleep of yourself and your loved ones can be improved and you can enjoy a carefree time.'
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