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Mattress manufacturers explain to you how to prevent mattress dampness

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-15
Everyone knows that the mattress will have moisture problems during use. Excessive humidity will also adversely affect the health of people lying on it. Therefore, when using the bedroom mattress, remember to prevent moisture, then how to prevent the bedroom mattress from damp? The mattress manufacturer will explain in detail for you.  1, give priority to moisture-proof and mould-proof mattress    When buying a mattress, give priority to a “mould-proof and moisture-proof” mattress, which can fundamentally reduce the probability of the mattress getting damp.  2, tear off the protective film when using the mattress    many people make this mistake. They think that the film on the new mattress can protect the mattress, so they are unwilling to tear off the film during use. However, according to mattress experts, this layer of film can only protect the mattress from contamination during storage and transportation, and needs to be torn off during use. If you wear this kind of film, the mattress will accumulate sweat and indoor humidity during use, which will not only easily cause the mattress to become moldy, but also cause various physical discomforts to the human body and affect health.  3. Keep the room dry, ventilated and ventilated   Be sure to keep the bedroom well ventilated, close the windows on rainy days, and open the windows to breathe normally. Some people don't like the summer weather. Heat will close the doors and windows and turn on the air conditioner. However, experts in Xinzhiyue mattresses believe that it is easy to make the room too humid. Therefore, when there is sunlight, opening the bedroom window to let the sunlight in can prevent the mattress from getting moldy.  4. Develop the habit of cleaning the mattress regularly   Remember to clean the mattress regularly and let the mattress dry before use. This not only prevents the breeding of mites and bacteria on the mattress to a large extent, but also prevents indoor mold growth to a certain extent.  5. Do not let the mattress come into contact with liquid   Try not to drink or eat in bed. If the mattress is accidentally filled with drinks, juices and alcohol, it must be cleaned and dried in time, otherwise mildew stains will easily appear.   The above content is the tips for moisture-proofing mattresses introduced by the editor of mattress manufacturers. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If you want to learn more about mattresses, please pay attention to our website.
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