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[Mattress manufacturer] What are the types of springs for spring mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-28
Spring mattresses are undoubtedly the mainstream products in the current mattress sales market, whether it is the initial spring mattresses or the recent natural latex mattresses, silicone rubber, brown mattresses, bamboo carbon fabrics... , Are connected with spring mattresses, and cooperate well. The mattresses with spring cores are all flat. There are many types of pure springs. From the beginning of the general independent spring to the drawing spring, and then to the independent pocket spring, the technology of spring mattress is constantly innovating, but in summary there are the following types. At this stage, the spring mattresses currently on the market, in terms of structure, can be roughly divided into interconnected, bagged independent cylinders, striped upright, stretched integrated, and bagged integrated springs. The following mattresses are produced The manufacturer will briefly explain the advantages of various spring mattresses. The bagged independent tube spring mattress will be filled into the bag after the pressure of each independent spring is applied, and then connected in many ways. Its characteristics are that each spring body has certain operation, independent support points, independent telescopic type, and each spring is packed in chemical fiber bags or cotton bags, and the spring bags between different rows are glued to each other. Adhesion, so when two blocks are placed on the bed surface, one side rotates, and the other side is not easily affected. However, some independent springs will gradually lose their ductility over a long period of time. The strip-shaped one-piece spring mattress is made of generally endless fine steel wire, and is complemented by structural mechanics, frame, and overall shape from the automation technology and sophisticated machinery and equipment. The basic principle of ergonomics is to arrange the springs into a triangular open frame, and form a pyramid-shaped support point for the net weight and working pressure, and the support is spread around to ensure that the spring’s elasticity is always as new. The advantage is that the mattress has a moderate soft strength. , With ergonomics and economic benefits, can show comfortable sleep quality and maintain the body and mind health of the human spine. The interconnected spring mattresses use spiral iron wires to connect all the individual springs together to become a 'supporting common destiny'. Although it is slightly elastic, the spring system software does not conform to the actual ergonomic design plan, so it will be moved. The whole body, one place is stressed, and the surrounding springs are involved with each other. The elasticity of the springs is weak and easy to collapse. Long-term sleep and lying are also harmful to the spine. Electric spring mattresses are equipped with an adjustable spring spherical net frame at the bottom of the spring mattress. The modified motor allows the mattress to be adjusted at will. Whether it is resting, watching TV series, reading articles or sleeping quality, it can be adjusted to a more comfortable Location. In fact, no matter which spring it is, it is more important to fit your own sleep quality habit and physical condition. Generally speaking, people who are fatter are suitable for a bed of mid-sleep strength, and people who are thin are suitable for a softer mattress. Everyone can buy according to their own needs.
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