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[Mattress manufacturer] What are the methods to prevent oxidation of latex mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-26
Nowadays, many people often have latex mattresses in their homes. Then, after applying latex mattresses for a period of time, we all find that latex mattresses will oxidize and the color will also change. The comfort of the latex mattress is not as good as the new purchase period. What is the reason for the oxidation of the latex mattress? Below, the mattress manufacturer will introduce in detail what is the reason for the oxidation of latex mattresses? And how to prevent the oxidation of latex mattresses. 1. How does latex mattress oxidize? Latex mattress manufacturers feel that they are more comfortable during the application period, but it is very simple to produce a strong response to oxidation, which is due to the raw materials of the latex mattress itself. The raw material of latex mattress is natural latex. This kind of chemical substance itself is a very good chemical substance, but natural latex is very simple to oxidize. The oxidized natural latex will darken in color and the raw material will become hard. This is the reason why latex mattresses are concise and understand oxidation. What is the reason for the oxidation of latex mattress? Two. How to prevent the oxidation of latex mattress? Is there any good way to prevent oxidation? It is not necessary to use the latex mattress immediately. After purchasing a latex mattress, remove the tape that encapsulates the mattress to give full play to the air permeability of the latex mattress. A dust-proof cover can be encapsulated on the surface of the mattress, so it is not necessary to apply a bare pad immediately to prevent the sun from reflecting. To prevent the sun from shining on the latex mattress itself is a natural environment without the growth and development of germs, so it does not need to be exposed to sterilization. Many people have the habit of drying the quilt. It feels that the mattress is more comfortable when exposed to the sun. This type of habit is better, but latex The mattress does not need to be taken out to dry. The warming of latex mattresses will accelerate the oxidation of natural latex. Naturally ventilated latex mattresses cannot reflect the sun immediately, but the rainy days are simple and damp, making it uncomfortable to fall asleep, so you can often ventilate to ensure the comfort of the application. 3. How to maintain and maintain latex mattress 1. It doesn't take too long for one application, and adjust the mattress at intervals. Because our human body supports different mattresses, latex mattresses can be symmetrical support points for the different working pressures of the human body, but a few uneven support of the mattress will also occur over time, so it must be regular Adjust the mattress. 2. It is not necessary for the latex mattresses to have excellent air permeability in the humid natural environment for a long time. If the mattresses also feel wet in the humid natural environment for a long time, it is necessary to frequently ventilate naturally and blow the mattress. The mattress must be kept in a natural environment with natural ventilation. If the mattress returns to moisture or gets wet, it is not necessary to treat it like a normal mattress and move it to the sun. When exposed to strong sunlight, natural latex will destroy the structure of natural latex and make the natural latex yellow and hard. We only need to wipe the glued water with a damp cloth and put it in the vent to let the air out. 3. It is not necessary to apply the bare pad immediately, as it is concise and clear and reacts strongly to the oxidation of the gas, which will make the mattress fade and harden the bottom. Application of dust cover can increase the service life of latex mattresses. 4. Clean the quilt and pillowcase frequently to prevent the mattress from getting dirty. If the mattress is dirty, do not clean the surface with strong acid-alkaline and strong alkaline cleaning products to prevent damage to the surface of the mattress. 5. There is no need to do too much separate support for the mattress, such as jumping off the bed vigorously, bumping the border of the mattress and braiding the leader. Latex mattresses have high resilience. If it is pushed at a high speed, it is not easy to cause great harm to the mattress. If it is a strong impact on a certain point, the mattress will be affected by this sudden external force. The effect produces destruction. So if you think about the longevity of your mattress, you don't have to be too 'harmful' to him. There is no need to lie on the bed to eat, to prevent the mattress from falling down, and also to mess up the mattress. 6. It is not necessary to make the mattress close to the high temperature source. If the latex mattress is exposed to high temperatures, the milky white natural latex will turn yellow, and the high temperature will destroy the structure of the natural latex.
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