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[Mattress manufacturer] What are the advantages and disadvantages of sponge mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-26
Foam mattresses and elastic yellow mattresses are common modern mattresses. Traditional sponges do not have a unique sensitivity to temperature. At present, the general sponge mattresses on the market have poor supporting power. Turn the mattress over and change its position to prevent the area where the body falls asleep from collapsing. The mattress manufacturer will show you the advantages and disadvantages of foam mattresses. The advantages of mattress manufacturers-foam mattresses: foam mattresses are shaped to cater to your body weight change. Compared with other mattress materials, it has the characteristics of lightness and comfort. In addition, sleeping with your lover will not It is easy for him to feel restless after tossing and turning. The disadvantages of mattress manufacturers-foam mattresses: Generally, foam mattresses are relatively soft. When people lie down, they cannot generate energy to prop up the abdomen. This causes long-term excessive tension of the lumbar muscles, which will cause lumbar disc herniation and waist for a long time. Protrusion of the intervertebral disc; the air permeability of the sponge mattress is not good, and the waste and water vapor caused by the basic metabolism in the sleep quality will continue to be discharged according to the skin. The air permeability of the mattress is not good, and this waste cannot be released immediately , Unhealthy.
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