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[Mattress manufacturer] There are so many types of mattresses, do you know which one is suitable for you?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-28
A good mattress can adequately cater to the curvature of the spine, allowing the intervertebral discs tired from daytime activities to rest in the quality of sleep. Common mattress materials in people’s daily life include natural latex mattresses, memory foam, polyester blended fabrics, feathers, wool, etc. What are their advantages and disadvantages? Follow the mattress manufacturers to see which mattresses More suitable for yourself. 1. Natural latex Natural latex mattresses are made of the liquid in the rubber tree. There are also many natural latex fabrics on the sales market. Advantage 1. Antibacterial and no skin allergies, unless you are allergic to latex. 2. Firm but malleable, generally stronger than memory foam. 3. Excellent application to rheumatism or joint pain. 4. Natural latex mattresses are very durable. 5. Natural latex is not easy to transmit fitness exercises, which means that when your lover can't sleep at night, you will not be easily disturbed. Disadvantages: 1. Natural latex mattresses are very expensive. 2. There will be a smell of vulcanized rubber at the beginning of application. 3. Some people feel that natural latex mattresses are too hard. 4. People who are allergic to latex are not suitable. 5. Easily brittle. 2. Memory foam plastic Memory foam plastic is a polyurethane material with organic chemistry to increase relative density. The material is very soft and gives people a very comfortable feeling. Mattresses made of this type of material are more popular. Advantages: 1. Soft and comfortable. 2. Relieve the work pressure of rheumatism or joint pain. 3. The soft material gives a stronger comfort. 4. Turnover is more convenient and there is no noise. Disadvantages: 1. Poor heat dissipation capacity of the heat pipe. 2. The price is relatively expensive. 3. The same also has the disadvantage that the new mattress tastes heavier. 3. Polyester fabric blended fabric is a relatively cost-effective mattress raw material, and its supporting point is relatively poor. Polyester compounds are generally referred to as filled chemical fibers. It is a substitute for people who love feather beds but are allergic to feather skin. Advantages: 1. Cost-effective. 2. No taste. 3. Moderate flexibility. Disadvantages: 1. There is no excessive application or caching. 2. The heat pipe has poor heat dissipation capacity. 3. As time changes, it will become less and less smooth. 4. Down and down beds are similar to duvets filled with feathers. It is very soft, but not suitable for people who are allergic to feather skin. Advantages: 1. Soft. 2. Cost-effective than memory foam or natural latex. 3. The heat pipe has moderate heat dissipation. 4. Do not hinder turning over or moving in bed. Disadvantages: 1. Down can go over textiles. 2. Down is usually compacted with the change of time and must be shaken up on time. 3. It is not suitable for people who are allergic to down skin. 5. Pure natural wool wool mattresses are very difficult to find, and the ones currently on the market are generally not natural. Advantages: 1. Soft and comfortable. 2. Cool in summer and warm in winter. 3. Does not hinder the turnaround. 4. Very durable. 5. For most people, pure natural antibacterial and low seasonal allergies. Disadvantages: 1. There will be no way to find it. 2. The price is more expensive. 3. There is a mild 'sheep' taste in the new situation. In terms of comfortable sleep quality, a good mattress is your preferred rule. Can add additional comfort for you, and your favorite softness. It is a small investment, but it has great benefits in terms of getting good sleep quality.
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