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[Mattress manufacturer] How to choose a spring mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-27
Spring mattresses are the mainstream products in the market today, but are there any points to pay attention to when choosing such a mattress? Today's mattress manufacturers bring everyone to buy spring mattresses. How to choose a spring mattress: 1. Look carefully at the quality of the mattress, whether the fabric is flat and tidy, and whether the stitching thread is uniform and beautiful. For high-quality mattresses, every key point is meticulous. 2. Lie down and experience the comfort of the mattress for yourself, and see the degree of catering between the body and the mattress. Lying on your side or lying on your side can cater to the mattress very well, so that you can support your body in detail. 3. Listening to the spring refill is inside the mattress and cannot be seen, but people can listen to the sound of the mattress by sitting or pressing the mattress lightly. If the spring quality is not good, rusty, and poor ductility, the bed will have a distinctive noise, and such a spring mattress will no longer be considered. Having a comfortable and easy-to-use spring mattress can build a warm and comfortable natural environment for sleep quality, thereby greatly improving the quality of sleep.
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