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[Mattress manufacturer] Do I need to tear off the film on the mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-24
Must the film on the mattress be torn off? Over the years, we may have done something wrong! Many people have spent the painstaking efforts of mattress manufacturers. Many people believe that a newly bought mattress can maintain the same as the new one without removing the plastic film. In fact, this is very incorrect. That will not only reduce the service life of the mattress, make the mattress more and more uncomfortable, but the key is to endanger your health! In fact, that layer of film is only the outer packaging box, and its function is to prevent the mattress from getting dirty before it is sold or during the entire shipping process. Just like when people buy other foods, utensils, etc., they can be used without unpacking them. The cost of this kind of film is only 10-20 yuan per kilogram, and it takes time to buy it home, so you must tear it off! That way, in the application process, it will have the original health-preserving effect. As long as the film is torn off, it will be ventilated, and the moisture and heat flow from your body will be drawn away by the mattress. The mattress can also radiate this moisture into the gas when you are not sleeping at night. If the film is not removed, the mattress will not be able to breathe and absorb moisture. If you sleep for a long time, the quilt will feel very wet. And it is very easy to grow mold, bacteria and insects. Long-term dampness will also rust the internal structure of the mattress, and you will squeak when you sleep on your side. According to the materials, the body will discharge up and down a liter of water according to the sebaceous glands and other parts of the body overnight. Sleep quality Excessive dampness and coldness in the natural environment will increase the frequency of side sleeping and endanger the quality of sleep. If you observe the elastic yellow mattresses sold in the current sales market, people will find that the mattress manufacturer will leave three or four holes on the side when designing the cushions. These are the ventilation holes. If the customer connects the plastic sheet Without tearing it down, it will waste the efforts of the manufacturer.
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