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Mattress factory direct sales tell you how to choose the mattress that suits you

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-02
1. Choose a mattress according to your size, weight, body shape, and sleeping posture. Mattress should give the human body an excellent support point. It is the basic standard. Many people think that a hard mattress is good, but it is actually incorrect. People with light weight should sleep in softer beds, and people with heavier weight should sleep harder. Soft and hard are actually relative. A mattress that is too hard can not support all parts of the human body in a balanced manner. The supporting points are always concentrated on the heavier parts of the human body, such as the shoulders and buttocks. Because this part is subjected to particularly high working pressure, the blood circulation system is poor and it is difficult to fall asleep. On the contrary, if the mattress is too soft, the spine cannot be maintained upright due to insufficient supporting force. Therefore, the back muscles will not be able to fully release the pressure and rest during the entire sleep quality. Studies have found that, generally, 70KG can be used as the boundary line of body weight to select the soft strength of the mattress. It is also important to know your sleeping position when buying a mattress. A woman’s buttocks are generally wider than her abdomen. If she prefers to lie on her side, the mattress must be able to accommodate her body contours. If the weight is heavier, if the weight is spread over the body part like an average boy, the mattress of the Foshan mattress manufacturer should be harder, especially for the flat sleeper. 2. The bigger the bed, the better it is within the scope of the total area of u200bu200bthe bedroom. The bigger the bed, the better. That way people can lie on top and can move around at will. If two people sleep, the size of the mattress must be at least 1.5 meters × 1.9 meters. At this stage, a two-person bed of 1.8 meters × two meters has long become the standard equipment. The size of a bed should be 250px for someone else's. Therefore, if the indoor space in your home allows, you don't need to be afraid of big mattresses. If you decide to choose a double bed, you must also fully consider specific problems, such as how a large mattress enters the stairway aisle and the room. If the indoor space is really narrow, you can choose a style with a zipper in the middle, and divide the cushion into two, which is very easy to get in and out. In addition, the specifications for purchasing a mattress are most similar to the one that is specifically required at this stage. Even if there are new changes in the home in the next two or three years, such as marriage or having a baby, there is no need to purchase again and cause additional costs. 3. Health and sanitation of natural latex mattress Natural latex is a natural plant production material. There are small round holes inside the mattress to inhale air. The air energy water heater can circulate freely to keep the mattress fresh, dry and cool. Natural latex has antibacterial properties to inhibit the growth and development of germs, bacteria, Aspergillus flavus and dust mites, and is not easy to cause skin allergies and pungent odors. Natural latex has stronger resilience and can fit the contours of the human body, so that every curve of the human body is suitable for use. After every turn over, the natural latex mattress can immediately repair the indentation caused by the body weight on the mattress, and then reasonably support the human body.
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