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[Mattress fabric manufacturer] What kinds of tatami mats are there? Are tatami mats good?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-29
How many kinds of tatami mats are there? Traditional tatami mats are mainly made of brown mats and bamboo mats. Contemporary tatami mats have been improved for comfort, so tatami mats made of leather or fabrics are also used, but there are still many people using tatami mats. Purchased. The mattress fabric manufacturer below discusses the classification of tatami mats with everyone. Mattress fabric manufacturer-tatami mat classification: the main raw materials for brown mattresses on the sales market are divided into two types, one is mountain brown-dark red, and the other is coconut silk-light yellow. The chemical fiber of coconut silk is shorter, more brittle, less compressive, and less ductile. The chemical fiber of mountain palm is thicker, longer, more ductile, and has higher compressive strength. That is to say, the soft strength of mountain brown is relatively moderate, it is close to the middle of the hard bed and the elastic yellow cushion, and the flexibility is particularly good. However, there are more coconut palm mattresses on the market, and the price is more cost-effective compared with mountain palm mattresses. If it is not for people who are critical to the quality of sleep, the ones lying on mountain palm and coconut palm mattresses feel similar. Mattress fabric manufacturer-How about tatami mats: 1. Water permeability: Permeability: The sweat absorbed into the body will be released from the bottom, unlike mattresses with sponge or cotton batting that will generate heat and moisture immediately It volatilizes upwards, causing the skin pores of the body to repeatedly digest and absorb the sweat containing germs and environmental pollution, and enter the epidermis and joints, causing rheumatism and joint pain. It is a very profound experience when a person is in his forties. 2. Environmental protection, waterproof, antibacterial, long life: It can be mated for 45-50 years and is not easy to mold; it can be rolled up when not needed, and storage is simple and convenient. The many advantages of brown silk have been used in daily life from ancient times to the present: for example, the clothes (corrosion-resistant, insect-proof), well rope rope (corrosion-resistant, insect-proof, high compressive strength). 3. Moderate hardness: brown rattan cushions/mattresses have moderate hardness and flexibility, suitable for Chinese solid wood furniture, and have a good mattress hardness index value in line with the human body. 4. Environmental protection products: all natural brown vines, pure green plants are yellowish, multi-day warm and cool in summer, no organic chemical environmental pollution, in line with the development trend of green life. 5. Moderate ductility: balanced force, which can make the top of the head, shoulders, and buttocks that are more stressed in the quality of sleep suffer a balanced contrast, regardless of side, prone, or back sleep, every surface is evenly affected. force. It is not like a sponge mattress, which deforms, causes unbalanced bone hyperplasia and causes osteoporosis, or endangers the normal growth and development of a child's human bones. It is very suitable for middle-aged and elderly children and adolescents and children who are in growth and adolescence. 6. No noise: It is made of high-quality brown silk. Even if it bounces and rolls on the bed surface, it is still silent, and it is not easy to cause mechanical equipment noise to ensure sleep.
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