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Mattress customization is the future development trend

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-30
Data shows that more than half of the world's people have sleep disorders, and mattresses, as people's intimate sleep partners, play a role in affecting the quality of sleep. Mattress materials are selected according to the crowd. At present, there are three main types of mattress materials on the market: palm, latex, and spring. However, mattresses made of pure palm, pure latex, and pure springs are not sold on the market. They basically have a 'main material + auxiliary material' structure. The main material uses springs, and auxiliary materials include brown, latex, and memory foam. , Cotton, etc. In addition to various materials, mattress fabrics are also classified: cotton cloth, cotton linen, fiber cloth and so on. There are so many materials for mattress products, how should consumers choose? There is no good or bad mattress material, only suitable and unsuitable. As for the distinction between people or age groups, there will be a rough distinction. Generally speaking, the elderly are suitable for sleeping in 'hard' beds, because the elderly are prone to problems with the lumbar and cervical spine, and hard mattresses can support it, but One drawback is that the waist will appear suspended. For example, in the hips and waist, use different materials for filling, so as to give the human body better support. In the design, people’s demand for soft and hard mattresses will be taken into consideration. Jindi mattresses are hard on one side and soft on the other to meet the diverse needs of consumers. For the elderly and children, it is recommended to buy a harder mattress, because the child's body is developing, and the body parts of the elderly are more sensitive and fragile. For young and middle-aged people, they will recommend comfortable and soft mattresses. Brand is the primary consideration. When buying a mattress in a mattress store, the shopping guide will advise consumers to lie down and try to sleep, and compare a variety of them. So for ordinary consumers, when there is no standard for the mattress they buy, how should they choose a mattress? First, choose a big brand, with guaranteed quality and assured materials; secondly, consider craftsmanship and service, including pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales. Put the brand in the first place. Imported brands are mostly aimed at the upper class. If you choose a domestic brand, you need to consider the history of the brand. A brand has been in the industry for decades or hundreds of years. First, it shows the vitality and quality of the brand. It is the recognition and trust of consumers. Private custom-made mattresses are the future development trend. We have found that there are many functional mattresses. There are adjustable, curlable, floral, massage, etc., 'functional mattresses will be a development trend in the future.' Suibao is working hard to realize the private customization of mattresses, such as the appearance of future mattresses, Fabrics, materials, etc. can be matched according to the needs of consumers. Jin Di also believes that most of the functionality of mattresses is based on the needs of consumers. Starting from the needs of consumers, it is understandable to design and produce products.
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